If you feel you are being affected by any form of negative energy, or you are looking for help with, possession, exorcism, or negative entity removal.


You have come to the right place at last.



As far as I am aware I'm the only person doing this work,who has themselves been possessed.



Depending on your cultural and or religious background you will probably think of negative energy in various ways, if you have a Christian or Jewish background, you probably think of negative energy as Demons and ghosts. A Muslim background you may be thinking of Jinn and Demons. If you are Hindu you may be thinking of amongst others Bhuta or Bhut-khet. If you have a Chinese background you may be thinking of Kuei and Kui and that's just to mention a few backgrounds and a few descriptive terms.



Because I work all over the world I choose to use just one all descriptive term, and that is negative energy.



Regardless of your background, if you feel you are being affected by an exterior negative energy or force, or you are here on behalf of someone else. Please continue to read the rest of this site, and then if you need help, contact me.




I don't perform exorcisms in the traditional sense of the word, I don't recite words from the Bible the Koran or any other holy book, nor do I use religious paraphernalia like the Christian cross or even native American smudge sticks. I capture the negative energy and remove it for ever.


To do this I go to their realm of existence, often called the astral. I enter into their realm,leaving my body behind in the physical realm. Regardless of whether you are in the room with me, or halfway round the world, the process is exactly the same, all my work is done in the astral. To understand this, in fact, to understand all of my work all you need to remember is everything in the universe is made of energy! By consciously adjusting my energy I can enter other realms and function there as easily as I can in the physical realm.



One of the greatest challenges anyone faces when working with any form of energy, negative or positive, is being able to discern exactly what one is dealing with at all times. Using a Psychic discrimination technique I was first taught 17 years ago, I am able to discern exactly what kind of energy negative or otherwise I am dealing with. To do this I use a Universal Law that no energy however powerful, negative or positive can break. This allows me to discern exactly what I am dealing with under any circumstance.



To capture and remove negative energy. I use a unique method developed and perfected over the last 15 years, this involves accurately creating what could be described as a multi geometrically shaped vibration within a boundary space.



The boundary space can be used to, capture and contain negative energy during or before removal, it can be used to keep negative energy out of any given environment, regardless of whether that's a human being, a building or a place. It works equally on the physical or the nonphysical planes allowing me to move freely between the two at will. Depending on the type of negative energy contained I either pass it on to a group of high-level guides (Positive non-physical subtle energy life-forms) for processing or disposal, or, I deal with it myself. Allowing me to guarantee no negative energy once captured can ever return.


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