On most testimonial pages you will find small flattering snippets about the service provider. You'll find those here also, however in the context they were received. And you will find large amounts of information about the specific cases commented upon.




So with the permission of the clients involved I've copied and pasted groups of e-mails back and forth between myself and clients, if anything has been omitted I've said so, and why, in italics. Apart from that personal details like surnames dates of birth etc have been crossed out. Everything else is as the client originally wrote the e-mails along with my e-mail replies, including my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.




I've gone to all this trouble in the hope that you will get a fascinating insight into the whole process from beginning to end. Over and above that, in my e-mails I have often gone into great detail regarding specific elements of the case, which I couldn't do on the main pages covering the same area of my work.




This is an extremely long page, so I have only included four sets of e-mails, but I've picked ones that represent the different areas of my work, one covering fragments, a possessing energy, and an elemental energy, also a extremely long one, that covers psychic attack by multiple negative energies upon someone who is themselves very psychic. I've given each group of e-mails a heading and a separate colour, just click on the colour to jump down and find the ones that cover the area you may be most interested in, though I hope you read them all.




If you plan to read all of this page in one sitting perhaps you better get yourself a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair.









This group of e-mails, covers fragment detection and removal and shows how a long-standing digestive problem simply disappeared when the fragment was removed. It also highlights the benefits of our intervention when there was no fragment.





This group covers the discovery of a small individuated elemental (Sprite) and its removal from a home and how that changed the atmosphere in the home.





This is the longest group of e-mails, I've included this one despite the fact that if you only read part of it, it seems I've failed to help this client significantly, I didn't fail, I did remove the energies around her at the time, however because she is so psychic and open to negative influence, more energies simply moved in and replaced them. I do not have the right to deny this person's spirit, experiencing its chosen path, the only recourse I had was to help her through the process. This is an ongoing case, and I will post developments as they arise. E-mail communication in this case was a highly inefficient method of help, we have now moved to video through Skype, and I anticipate rapid and exciting developments from now on.





This is a particularly interesting group of e-mails, because it not only covers the removal of a possessing energy, it highlights how possession can be confused with mental health issues, and also shows the damage done by recreational drugs, and how they make it easier for a possessing energy to gain control.






Fragment Removal



Name: Annie Xxxxxx


Email: xxxxx


Comments: Dear Len, Just finished reading about fragments, etc. Very, very interesting to me. I have a great interest the after life, the astral etc but I am not at all very well educated on these subjects. I have read many physic books, had experiences with entities, volunteered for hospice and am totally blown away with your knowledge. The reason I am contacting you is for my husband and myself. Husband had back surgery last Dec 2009 for back pain and within minutes of the surgery had a stroke that left his bladder dead and unable to walk. With therapy he is able to walk short distances with a cane. He still has the back pain he had before surgery. After reading your info I believe he has a fragment. (He has had epidurals, narcotic pain reliever, and nothing helpswith the original back pain. I am his caretaker. I am a five year cancer survivor and concerned that it will return with all the stress of my husbands illness. I also have severe spinal stenosis but live with it with the help of meds. Any advice for us would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Annie,


I'd be glad to try and help you in any way I can. When you next write please use this e-mail address.


I can't pretend I'm well educated on these subjects either, I haven't read that many books I just see what I see, well more accurately, perceive what I perceive, I don't have a lot of choice really, but it is lovely to be able to help others.



It certainly sounds as if your husband has a fragment, and hopefully you may have one also, that sounds mad, you having been in pain for so long with your spinal stenosis, but think of it this way if you are affected by a fragment your troubles could be over. Sadly it will depend on whether yours is genetic, if so, I still may be able to help you with the technique I used to heal myself of a nasty scoliosis, but we can go into this at a later date.



As far as your husband is concerned it's unlikely I will be able to get him walking or his bladder working but then you never know, and the technique I spoke about for my scoliosis and you, may help him also. By the way, I know I have permission to work on you from the tone of your e-mail, but I also need permission from him individually before I can help him, the only time I work on someone without direct permission is if it's on a child, when I have the parents permission.



Your cancer. You will find on my site I talk about geopathic stress, and give the link to Mr Rolph Gordon, with you having had cancer I would most strongly recommend you contact him and have him check out your home for geopathic stress. As far as I know this is still a free service he provides, he's a lovely man and makes his living from selling the best products to fight cancer available. But he's never pushy if you don't want his products or can't afford them that will be the end of it, in my opinion you can really trust him.



I have removed a portion of this e-mail because it covers my approach to cancer in detail which proved to be airrelevantn this case.


The next part of this e-mail is a stock letter to everyone, just give me the information where it pertains to you and your husband, but separately to make things easy for me because I will work on you separately.


I've removed the stock letter for the sake of space





Thank you so much for your rapid reply. Don't remember telling you about the scolosis or spinal stenosis but you hit the nail right on the head. It is getting to the point of being unbearable. I dont have time for it as I am my husbands caretaker. Nonetheless, I found the article online about how you cured yourself of scolosis. I truly believe this is possible and I will certainly read the article more thoroughly. I was just so excited to hear from you that I briefly looked at it.


A portion of this e-mail containing medical and personal information has been removed


Thank you so very much and hope I have included all the info you needed.


Will talk with my husband and see if he is open to the idea. He is somewhat of a skeptic but he has come around some by hearing me talk on the subject.






Dear Annie,


Thank you for the information, I wish everybody was as thorough as you, if your husband does decide to have me look at him the only information I will now need is his full name, his age, and a synopsis of his medical history, all of which I'm sure you remember far better than he does!


Because you have moved home so often I doubt you could be being affected by geographic stress so if I were you I wouldn't worry about that.


You did mention your spinal stenosis in your first e-mail, when we look at you in the astral we may be able to give you some guidance regarding the best way forward.


I will wait to hear from you one way or another regarding your husband, before we work on you, that way I can go from you to him straight away without having to look for him separately, because obviously geographically he will be close, if he doesn't wish us to try to help, that's okay, just let us know and we'll get working on you as soon as possible.


Kind regards Len.



Hello Len,


You have my husbands permission to start working on him. He is a skeptic but he will be a believer if there is a fragment preventing him for getting back relief and you can make it go away.


A portion of this e-mail containing medical and personal information has been removed


I am amazed and impressed with your abilities. You have a wonderful gift and it must be so heart warming to be able to help so many people.


I hope I haven't rambled on too much.


Oh, almost a P.S. Hal had an accident at his tool bench last week and had surgery on his hand this past friday to repair a tendon, so he is left with a working right arm and two legs that don't work very well.

His address is the same as mine: xxxxxzxxxxTexas

Regards, Annie and Hal


Hello Annie,


I must apologise for the time it's taken to get back to you, this was partly due to us having to work on Hal on two occasions, and also we've just been so busy.


I'll start with you, because we worked on you first tonight.I didn't see any indication that your cancer may be coming back. You had a small fragment in your abdomen, we removed that easily enough, I don't think it had anything to do with your scoliosis, though it had tendrils reaching into your back so I could be wrong, though it didn't seem to have been there longer enough to have caused your back problems. So in a week or so could you let me know if any of your symptoms, either the back problem or anything else improve.


Hal, we also had another look at Hal tonight, he does have something in his back but both times I was unable to remove it, and to be perfectly honest I don't know what it is! It's a very tiny point of extremely bright energy! We will have another look at him in a few days, in the hope that it just because we're very tired at the moment or something like that. In the meantime I will give this a great deal of thought and try and work out exactly what it could be.


I'm very sorry we haven't been able to help you and your husband significantly, sometimes things just have normal explanations, but we will keep trying just in case it is something we can deal with for Hal.


Lots of love Len.




Thank you so much for the reply. Sometimes it is what it is. Will let you know how things are going.


I have been reading your article regarding your cure for your scoliosis. I have been practicing the procedure. Have also read the articles on oil pulling and started that today.


Thank you for what you have done and what you do.






Dear Len,


You said you found and removed a fragment around my stomach area that had tendrils. I had discomfort there for a while but it is no longer there. I haven't taken an antacid tabletI Thank you so much and I so admire the work that you do. I have read the info on your web site several times as I always seem to absorb something new.


I had wondered today if maybe you had been working on Hal because he has not complained so much of back pain. He actually had let the pain patch expire and go a couple days without it. I am excited and hopeful that what you have done so far for him is giving him some relief . Will keep you posted on that. Could the small point of bright energy in his back that you see be the piece of cement that got away during surgery. Hal says if you can help his bladder he would fly over and give you a hug.


Much thanks and love.

Annie and Hal



Hello Annie, we have been working on Hal and we did so again tonight, I cannot honestly say whether his pain reduction is to do with us or not, though I hope it was, I just hope it has continued and continues into the future, I don't know what the small point of energy was, but we didn't see it tonight.


We've been working on his nervous system, in an attempt to grow new pathways, in the hope of increasing his mobility and possibly even reverse some of the damage to his bladder.


The rest of this e-mail is about Hal's ongoing treatment I will post replies as I receive them


Lots of love Len.



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Elemental Energy Inside A Home



Dear Len,

Just to let you know that the treatment you did on me last Thursday seems to have been successful, so thank you. Did you manage to do any healing on the house yesterday and if so was there something at the top of the bed?

Kind regards





Dear Christine,


Thank you very much for letting me know my work seems to have been successful over the last week, I'm confident, that over the next few weeks this issue will simply fade into history.


I'm sorry, I must admit we didn't have time to get to you last night, however we have a number of other people to work on in the same way tonight, and you will be top of the list, I will write again tomorrow to let you know how we got on.


Kindest regards




Thanks Len for that.


kind regards



Hi Christine,


I'm really sorry, a family matter took all our attention last night, so we weren't able to work on anybody from a distance. Luckily tonight however we were able to have a look at your house, I was quite surprised to find such an energetically calm house, perhaps that's the feng shui?


I didn't find anything at the top of the bed, but in the larger of the two front rooms there was an energy near the window, it's a small sprite like elemental energy. Anyway it clearly shouldn't be in the house though they sometimes come in if there is a lot of plants around, though I've only ever see them downstairs before, it wasn't very talkative and would only tell me it was "watching" watching what I don't know! I asked it if it was willing to go back into the garden and stay there of its own free will or did I need to compel it to go out, it agreed to leave and stay out. If it comes back please let me know, and I will give it a slap on the wrist.


After checking out the house I decided to go into the garden to have a chat with the local diva, based on that, I'd like to make a suggestion, I think it would be a good idea if you deliberately planted something, a small tree or shrub and as you do, dedicate it to the diva's, I realise it's not a good time of year to do something like this, but if tomorrow you put a marker in the place you intend to plant it, and tell the diva's you will be planting it at the appropriate time, you may be surprised come spring. Use your intuition to choose the right spot if you aren't told where to put it by the diva.


Hopefully the feeling in the bedroom will be better tonight.


Lots of love Len


Dear Len,

Thank you for the healing.


What you said is interesting as from Monday night I was able to sleep well in the bed and have done so since. I don't know what you make of that? I haven't been able to do that for years. However, last night I felt there was a better atmosphere in the bedroom and I thought that perhaps it was lighter. What harm might this sprite been doing ? You also mentioned the Diva in the garden. I have followed your instructions. What changes might I expect to see?


kind regards



Dear Christine,


I'm not sure what to make of that either, these energies can be quite sensitive to our thoughts if you were thinking of having me deal with this on Monday perhaps it picked that up from you! And started to move about a bit, until I found it on Wednesday and persuaded it to leave completely, I don't want to sound arrogant or egotistic but I have a very good relationship with the divas and can turn up just about anywhere in the country and the local divas already recognise me without me having to introduce myself, I have no idea how they do this but they do seem to know me, so perhaps the little sprite reacted to me coming before I even got there. But all that's nothing but a guess!


Don't worry the sprite has not been harming you, and nor would it! They are harmless little energies quite beautiful really, some months ago we had a friend staying with us at our cottage in Worcestershire, a beautiful tree energy came in to the cottage for some reason, I introduced it to Sarah and our friend, and it left again. A day or so later on the drive home we realised the tree energy was with us in the car, it came all the way home and stayed in and around the house accompanying us when we walked the dogs etc. And then returned with us to the cottage the next weekend. Why something like this would do that is completely beyond me but it was nice to have it around for a while.


The only problem they can cause is if someone is sensitive, as you are! They try to communicate, and this can be quite disconcerting if the sensitive person doesn't realise these sensations, feelings etc are caused by this attempted communication, and misinterpret them as something else. Next time this happens to you, you will probably recognise it for what it is, and hopefully you can begin to have a limited dialogue of some kind. Don't expect them to be chatty that's not their way, but you may find you really enjoy having them close.


The diva is a bit upset that no one in the area acknowledges it, a common problem everywhere, by you acknowledging it it may well decide to reward you in some fashion, I introduced my mother to a minor diva that came into her back yard/garden in London whilst I happened to be there, she's lived at this house for a good few years, but only since then has the garden flourished, despite the fact because of other buildings it hardly get any sun, it now looks like one of those gardens one sees in ideal home magazines etc. I can't promise your garden will be transformed, my mother has spent many hours planting pruning etc herself, but she puts far less effort into it now and yet it's so much better. I don't even know if you like gardening and want a spectacular garden, but if you do that may well be the way you are rewarded, if not it may be something else, I imagine you have heard of Findhorn and how they grew amazing plants on absolutely rubbish soil, sand I think? Anyway they did it by being in communication with the divas. For me, their willingness to trust and respect me is all the reward I could ever ask for!


Please keep in touch lots of love Len.



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Psychic Atatack By Multiple Energies Upon A Psychic



Name: Emily xxxxxxxx


Comments: Hi. I'm at the end of my rope, noone has been able to help me, even though they say they can. I've thrown nearly $1000.00 at this problem with no success. The only thing I haven't tried yet is acupuncture.


I moved into a condo this last March. Soon after started experiencing frightening "paranormal" events. Never in human form, but shadows, lights, things move on their own, they crawl on me at night, molest me, enter my body from my head causing a warm tingling full feeling. I had a paranormal group come and "fix" the problem. Well, that didn't work. I've had priests come, done blessings, saging, sweeping, anointing, holy water. Nothing worked. I moved to another place, and some followed me. It feels as though there are 3 of them, they all "hang out" at different places in my body. They're parasitic and are attached to me all the time. I can feel them. I've been working with two Shaman, no success. I've done reiki, meditation, journeying, seen an Apache Healer. NOTHING has worked, I've just lost a lot of money in the deal. I don't understand this. I've talked to many folks who have had "spirit" problems, but they go away eventually. These feel permanent and I just can't deal with it anymore and I don't have anymore money to give to people to help.






Hi Emily


E-mail from me asking for more information!






Hi Len,


The only other experience I've had like this before was in the early 90s when I rented a townhouse in Washington while I was in school for my undergraduate degree. I lived there with my then fiance. We had some strange experiences such as seeing shadows of a person out of our peripheral vision, water turning on by itself, a specific cleaner in the toilet when there was none in the house. It stopped when we moved.


Until recently, I've never dabbled into the psychic. I've attempted to work with two different Shaman (deposession work) and an Apache "Healer" since this has started. I also had a paranormal group go into the home where this originally started, they said I had a "portal" in my bedroom. I've also had some Reiki work done. I've been told by two people recently who know about these awful experiences, that I'm psychic and that these spirits are drawn to me. I don't know about that, it's just what I've been told.This all started when I moved into a rental townhouse in March of 2010. In April was when I started noticing these frightening events. (My parents came to visit a couple times and my mom noticed the same things.) I turned off my light one night to go to sleep. I felt this overwhelming feeling that something or someone was behind me. I was on my side. I ignored the feeling. I slept with a eye mask at that time because the bedroom was light from the lights in the alley behind the place. I peeked out my mask and saw a ray or beam of light. I blinked my eyes and it was gone. I started feeling the feeling of something crawling on top of the covers at my feet and legs. (Like it feels when a pet is walking on top of the bed.) My toes were being pulled and my feet tickled. I then heard either the fingernail polish or tv remote move on my nightstand, and felt movement under my pillow. I got up and went to sleep in another room. All night, a light was hovering and moving up and down the length of my body and I continued to feel the feelings in my feet/legs. The next morning I got in the shower. Felt a coldness on my shoulder and heard the shampoo bottle slam behind me almost immediately. Over the next few months, things would happen like the smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night for no reason, tv channels would change, the feeling of something cuddling or spooning me in bed at night. One night I woke up to the feeling of something on top of me and pressure against my throat. On numerous occasions I felt as though I was being violated or raped. During this time, I had the paranormal group come investigate, a priest come with holy water and blessings, I tried smudging, etc. etc. Nothing worked. I went to a hotel and they followed me there as well. I felt as though they were with me throughout the day. I felt as though there were many different spirits in that house. I was finally able to move. (Pictures attached) The house felt good and less "dark" as the other one, but I feel as though I continue to have 3 attach themselves to me. One likes to stay at the left side of my head, one at the small of my back, and one at my feet. They are especially intrusive at night; I feel one "enter" my body from my head, when it does, I feel warm, heavy, and kind of tingly. I feel my sinuses fill as it moves down into my torso. It molests me on occasions. I have to drug myself with an over the counter sleep aide to get any sleep. For some reason they are attracted to me, or I have something they want, or they are trying to tell me something. Something that may be of significance, I work in end of life Hospice care, I'm a social worker. Also, during the day, I know they are around (before I feel them on me) because I will see a little "spark" of light all of a sudden. On occasion, I have to go into the hospital emergency room to admit a Hospice patient, and I see hundreds of those sparks.


I'm really at the end of my rope and can't continue to live this way. I have nowhere else to go, I feel as though I've exhausted all my ideas and resources.


It has been a very difficult last 3 years in that I divorced an alcoholic verbally abusive man that I was married to for one year. He gambled all our money away, our house went into foreclosure and I had to file for bankruptcy. I've spent these last two years rebuilding my life and was well on my way until this happened. I have a 13 year old daughter (from marriage #1) who is very much a 13 y/o girl. I've experienced the usual trials and tribulations of raising a teenager on my own. I having difficulty with my work in that I need a change and am looking for a different career. I've done Hospice work for 6 years now, and it has just become too draining. I'm a very sensitive and empathic person.


Thank you. I hope you can help because I feel like I have nowhere else to turn. If you have any further questions or I missed something, please let me know.




Hi Emily,


Thanks for the information, I wish everybody was as thorough as you, though is there any chance of a better photograph of just you? We won't be looking at the photograph for anything other than identification purposes so it doesn't have to be a flattering one!


I've read your e-mail carefully, and for that alone I have a very strong suspicion that you are indeed psychic, if this is the case it makes it very hard for us to stop all phenomenon happening around you, have another look at my website go to the clearing page, do the seiving on both yourself and your home, also start practising the balancing technique, both these techniques will help you a lot, they are also designed specifically to quieten your energy down so that you are less (visible, active, attractive) on the astral, the astral is where any energy that may be affecting you resides, so you need to be as invisible as possible.


We will hopefully be working on you on Monday night UK time, don't worry about what you are doing, it's irrelevant to us. You will either feel it or not, either away it means nothing.


I would also recommend you take regular doses of bicarbonate of soda, about half a flat teaspoon per day, you need to take it with water and drink more water than you normally would overall, either take it with a small amount of hot water in a shot glass and drink at least half a pint of water to wash the taste away and keep you hydrated, or mix it in a large glass starting with a small amount of hot water to dissolve it then top up with cold water and drink. If you get diarrhoea this means the bicarbonate does not suit you, don't worry if your stools are a bit loose that's normal but if every time you take it you get diarrhoea stop. Believe it or not the bicarbonate of soda will help with your depression tremendously, bicarbonate alkalis the blood system, and also the mind, if you have acid blood you have an acid mind and vice versa, give it a try you will be surprised how much it will affect the way you think, it is also incredibly good for some of you other symptoms including the irritable bowel. Provided it suits you and doesn't give you diarrhoea.


The sparks of light! I know, or a least I think I know exactly what they are in most circumstances, don't worry about them, they are not only harmless but in fact a positive thing! I'll go into this in more detail once I've had a look at you in the astral.


Some of the symptoms you have mentioned could be put down to sleep paralysis, I'm not saying it is this but it may be something for you to research in the meantime, even getting up and moving into a different room in the night to enable you to sleep can be part of a sleep paralysis episode, again we can go into this at a later date.


It would be very useful if you downloaded Skype you don't need to have a web camera just a microphone either built-in to your computer or one you attach, and also it's free for us to talk or even video chat if you do have a web cam. A lot of the work I can do in the astral, but to help you with your other problems like depression etc it would be much better if I could talk to you one to one, anyway that's up to you, if you get Skype look for me as xxxxxxxxxxx, you may be surprised how much I can help!


Hopefully I'll hear from you before Monday when we work on you, otherwise I'll e-mail you Tuesday or Wednesday, please bear in mind a better photograph will make it easier for me to find you.


Len XX




Hi Emily,



Thank you for the photographs, I'm very sorry both Sarah and I had a really busy day with local face-to-face clients yesterday, by the evening we were both exhausted, so we decided we would do a better job for yourself and the other international clients by working on you all tonight instead.


Hopefully I will have some kind of news for you tomorrow, in the meantime rest assured we will do our absolute best for you as soon as possible.


Kindest regards Len.




Hi Len


What a relief!!!!! I continued to have issues last night so I'm glad you weren't able to get to it. Thank you, I have high hopes. I know your work must be draining.








Hi Emily,


I don't know which part of your working shifts cycle your on at the moment, if you are on your three days off, perhaps you felt us near you if you were relaxing, particularly a tugging sensation on your left hand side? Anyway it's somewhat irrelevant.


First I will deal with your physical health, we removed two fragments as described in my website, the first one from your abdomen I judge you will now have a significant opportunity to be rid of your irritable bowel problem it would seem 75% of that was caused by the fragment, 25% by your own body, or at least its reaction to what you consume. Though it also seemed to be impacting upon your reproductive system? We can go into both of these issues in more detail at a later date if you wish.


The second fragment was attached to your head, again I can only judge from experience but I would be very surprised if you're untreatable depression was not now very treatable! And as I've already suggested I may be able to help you with that.


The removal of these fragments will only impact you physically and emotionally, and has nothing to do with the problem of the three energies and the other phenomena you wrote to me about originally. However I believe we were also successful in dealing with that also.


The biggest problem we now face is you are definitely psychic, this will mean both, you are much more aware of the energy around you than a normal person, and also you are likely to attract energy to you. But there is something very significant you can do about this which I'll come to later.


Not only had you attracted a number of negative energies, but you had also attracted some very powerful positive energies! But of course you are unable to distinguish between the two, unfortunately positive energy though able and willing to help you will not in any circumstance interfere or help in anyway without being asked! Also unfortunately negative energy has no such constraint! So although you have some wonderful positive energies around you, up to now they have been unable to intervene on your behalf, whilst at the same time the negative energies have been wreaking havoc.


This is why you were aware something was trying to communicate with you, it was the positive energy trying to help, at the same time the negative energies were trying to keep you confused so you wouldn't be able to call upon the positive energies to help.


You'll have to forgive me I am very tired, but I'm trying to write this in a way you can easily understand if I don't always achieve that I'm sorry.


I believe we have removed the original three energies, and everything else around you. The last thing I did was to ask a very powerful positive energy to step forward and volunteer to protect you for as long as you need it. I don't know if you will be able to believe me but the Ark Angel Mikhail stepped forward, I don't know about your religious background or in fact if you have one, all I can say is from my experience everything you will have been taught about archangels is likely to be incorrect, they are wonderful powerful beings, but they are not the beings portrayed in the Bible they are much more than that, and very willing and able to help numerous human beings at the same time. All I can ask is you suspend your natural scepticism for the time being and trust me when I say you are now protected by a wonderful loving being.


As I said the big problem now is you are psychic, I cannot easily teach you in this e-mail to close yourself down completely and become unaware of the greater reality, but what I can do is teach you how to distinguish between a positive and negative energy and force negative energies away from you.


There is something called a universal law! If you attract anything tonight despite the protection I have put around you and Michael's presence, and you evoke this law, any and all negative energies must withdraw from your vicinity, hopefully you will not have to do this but this is the best thing I can pass on to you in the short term.


A large part of this e-mail has been removed because the information contained within it is not suitable for the general public, I only give this information to people who have reached a certain degree of understanding and wisdom themselves, and to those that I know will not abuse this information.


There is so much more I'd like to be able to say to you tonight but I'm must sleep, please evoke the law xxxxxxxxxx if you need to, I have never met anybody who knows of this law and trusts it who has ever failed, unfortunately most people never reach a high enough stage of psychic development to be able to communicate with the high positive energies who teach the universal laws. And I am only teaching you this because having seen your energy I trust you not to abuse this sacred extraordinarily powerful tool Your average priest performing exorcisms etc has only a very weak Roman rite to rely on if you do any research on the Internet you will quickly begin to realise most exorcisms are failures, this is because they actually feed these little negative energies with fear and respect that they don't deserve by thinking of them as Demon's with all the connotations that word denotes. Of course there is a powerful negative energies out there, but you have not attracted anything of any power whatsoever, I know this as a matter of fact! I don't make this explicit on my website but I am very familiar with the really powerful nasty negative energies that truly do deserve to be called Demons as well as the truly powerful positive energies believe me there is nothing really nasty looking your way let alone affecting you.


Please let me know how you get on tonight.


If you do what I have asked with sincerity you will have no problems.


With love Len.



Good morning Len. Just a quick note to let you know how last night went. I'm at work so can't write much, even though I have a lot to say and many questions. Thank you first and foremost for all your hard work and attention to my issue.


I continued to feel the entity at my left foot yesterday evening, but it was stronger than ever. After reading your email, I'm presuming this is "positive" energy, which I've felt this one to be quite benign the entire time it's been there. Later in the evening, I felt the one on the left side of my head/face, again, I am presuming this is a positive energy. I also saw many "sparks" yesterday.


Last night I had a persistent spirit that insisted on laying on top of me and going places it shouldn't. I used the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx with no success. I used it a couple times, commanding enough that I woke my daughter up! It continued until I just finally got up and got ready for work.


I also felt what I described to you before when a spirit "enters" my body through my head. I felt it a couple times where I felt kind of heavy and tingly. I'm not sure if this is the feeling you described that a positive spirit gives when challenged. (I didn't feel it when I was xxxxxxxxxx, I felt it before).


So, that is the report from last night. I failed.


I will write more after work.


Again, thank you.






Hi again Len.




I read through your web site once again. I had two fragments, it sounds as though most people don't have any?


Do you have any suggestions about what I may or may not be doing to keep this from working? I asked my helpers for help and did the.


I would like to eventually learn how to work with these psychic abilities I have, and also learn how to nurture and develop them. How can you tell if someone is psychic? Why has this happened all of a sudden? Did something in my life happen that created this? Or was it moving into that townhouse that kind of stirred something in me that I already had and didn't know it?


I have no preconceived notions about Ark Angels. I would like to think my mind is completely open to any and all ideas concerning this subject. I believe in GOD, but hate the hypocracy of most organized religions.


I feel as though I have aged 5 years in these past 5-6 months. I'm tired, weary, and unsure what will happen if I have to continue my life in my current path. I can deal with the positive energies, and would like to train myself on how to live with the negative energies when they come around. I tried very hard last night to not have any fear, it was more irritation and disgust that this continues to happen.


I hope all is well in the UK. It's admirable what you do for people. Hopefully I can learn more from you.










Dear Emily,



I'm glad, judging by the tone of this last e-mail you have gone into acceptance of your situation, this is a big step forward, and will help you immensely, whilst in most circumstances we can help people from a distance unfortunately when people are themselves psychic it becomes much more difficult.


As you know I already suspected you are psychic before I looked at you, and when I looked at you psychically this was confirmed by your energy. We all have a sphere of energy seemingly emanating from the body around us, when I look at someone psychically I get a picture of the person's body with an egg shaped field of energy around them, depending on the qualities, colour, texture, size etc I see, I am able to tell an awful lot about people, in your case you have a kind of signature that tells me you are more psychic than the average person. It's very hard to describe quickly and easily but if you look up the human aura and human energy field on the Internet you will probably get an idea of exactly what I'm talking about.


I also see foreign bodies if they are present in the energy field (fragments, attachments, and negative energy if it is close to the physical) and quite often I also see physical problems reflected in a persons energy field, to do this I open myself psychically for a period then close myself down again, and this is the next thing you are going to need to learn, I do not walk around open to the greater reality, most of the time I am just like anybody else and only see the physical body, the problem for you is you are stuck open at the moment, luckily you're not stuck completely open but just enough to bother you.


To answer your question about fragments, unfortunately an awful lot of people suffer from fragments though I don't make this explicit on the website because I don't want to frighten people, so don't worry you are not that unique in this respect, I don't know how when and where you picked up your fragments but let me assure you they are gone! I suspect this is the reason you are beginning to think more clearly as reflected in the last e-mail.


Yes you are very wise to decide to develop your psychic abilities and we'll get to that another time, for the time being, I can't tell you exactly how why or what caused you to open up suddenly but it happens to an awful lot of us. In my case I opened up suddenly and dramatically when I was in my early 30s, I became possessed in the true meaning of the word, by a terribly powerful negative energy, I only survived by the skin of my teeth through a long series of coincidences I managed to find a group of people doing the work then that I do now! But please don't worry you have not attracted anything remotely as powerful as I did.


I'm glad you believe in God and you don't come from a religious background, and indulge in all the hypocrisy and hate that goes with most organised religions. The experiences you have and are having must tell you there is far more to the universe than most people could possibly begin to understand, the Bible for example has many things correct but even then most of it is distorted, energies like the Angels are a classic example of this. But if you wish you will learn all of this in the future for now we need to try and close you down, enabling you to open up at will for you to develop your talents and to close down again so you can lead an ordinary life.


What you need to do is to gain some understanding of the human energy field, read as much as you can about it from as many varied sources as possible, don't just accept someone else's view of how things work try and absorb a number of different points of view and see what resonates with you. There is a lot of information on the Internet about self protection, an awful lot of it is simply crap, we use a quite complicated method, but one that has stood the test of time against extremely powerful energies.


You may already have a reasonable idea about the energy field if this is the case please write back soon, and I will start to tell you about the method we use for protection, and how we open up and close down etc, I would go into it now but a little understanding can sometimes be a dangerous thing, and I'd prefer knowing you have some idea of what I'm talking about before I start, sorry!


Keep using the xxxxxxxxxx, it will work, perhaps you could try saying it internally rather than out loud, I always personally say it internally it gives me more focused that way, but it will work, it's only you stopping it at the moment! My friend none of this is easy, but when you master it, it all becomes worthwhile!



Lots of love Len.



Hi Len.


I did some research on human energy fields/auras. The information made me realize I was already seeing them at times, although I haven't seen any colors, just "smokey" ones (for lack of a better word). I just thought it was tired eyes causing me to see them. I'm looking forward to knowing how to nurture this ability, and also how to turn it on and off. I will keep doing my homework.


I've been calling on Arc Angel Michael quite a bit. It's kind of funny, but when I see him, I see John Travolta. He played Arc Angel Michael in the movie "Michael" numerous years ago. It's a good movie if you haven't seen it. I've definitely felt more protected.


Again, words cannot express how thankful I am to you for helping me. I've received more answers to questions and had more results with your work in a week, than I have in 7 months.


Hope all is well! Looking forward to learning more.


Cheers, Emily






Hi Emily,



Oh don't worry about the possession, it was terrible at the time, but it was the best thing that could have happened to me really, I wouldn't be able to help so many people now if it hadn't happened.


That's good news about your research, and particularly the smoky energy, it's probably a good idea to stop researching the energy field now, I don't want you to have too many preconceived ideas, just an idea of what may be going on.


Most likely what you are seeing is an overlay from the third eye on to the physical images you get from your normal eyes. The third eye is the pineal gland, called that because it looks a bit like a pineapple, various cultures throughout the world use the image of a pineapple to express the idea and true function of the pineal gland by painting or sculpting images of people with pineapples on their heads to express that the individual is capable of using the third eye for its correct function.


The third eye and the energy field work in conjunction with each other. From what I've seen of your energy, your third eye is stuck slightly open at the same time your energy field whilst quite bright is very open, so we are now going to try to deal with both problems at the same time.


To make it easier for you I'm adding the link to the cleansing page of my website, I need you to do both exercises every day for a few weeks at least! By seiving yourself daily you will both clean and strengthen your energy field (something like women used to do by brushing their hair 100 times each day) the balancing exercise will significantly strengthen your energy field, and give you greater control and awareness of it. After you have done this each day I then need you to do a third exercise, not mentioned on the site.


First I'd like to talk a little bit about the energy field. The way you have described it is actually more accurate than most of the website descriptions you have probably seen. Most people try to see the energy field expecting to see colours etc, it's really not that important, seeing the energy field is a misnomer anyway, you don't see it you perceive it, and of course you perceive it through your third eye, the pineal gland. Anyway the important thing is to drop the idea that you see this and concentrate on perceiving. And that's best done with your eyes closed certainly to begin with, so just in case I forget to say have your eyes closed when you do something, basically have your eyes closed all the time whenever you're practising the things I suggest.


Consciously closing down the energy field.


Now you have a reasonable image in your head of what an energy field may look like, close your eyes and imagine you are surrounded by a beautiful shimmering field of light, the light emanates from each individual physical cell in your body, don't worry about what colour it may be, you will perceive colour at a later date or you won't. The energy field contrary to most people's expectations extends between about six or 8 feet and infinity! But the parts of it we are interested in is the 8 foot dense part around the body, most people put this at about 3 feet, it's just differences in perception, and also expectation, if one is taught is only extends 3 feet that's how student tends to perceive it. So accept whatever your imagination presents you at the time! Don't force the image!


At first it's all about will and imagination on your part, I think you have the will and determination to deal with this, now you must use your imagination to allow yourself to do it, I can't express strongly enough that this is about your imagination at this stage, after a time of using your imagination, you will suddenly realise my God I could never have imagined that on my own, at this stage you will realise you are perceiving it for real. So drop any pressure you may feel and trust your imagination to lead you in the correct direction.


So, you're sitting or lying down with your eyes closed imagining the energy field all around you!


Now you need to imagine there is an impenetrable barrier around your energy field, you will need to play around with various ideas of what form this barrier takes, it could for example be a mirrored surface that reflects everything negative away from you, or it could be made of impenetrable hardened steel. Play around with it and see what feels comfortable to you! Don't limit yourself to just these two ideas invent your own! This is the easiest form of protection and it will work! Soon enough I will teach you a much more complex form of protection that I use which allows me to safely come into contact with some of the nastiest energies in the universe. But you must learn to walk before you can run.


This paragraph is the most important thing I will say in this e-mail. When you construct your barrier around your energy field remember, you must allow positive energy through the barrier, the barrier is only to stop negative energy passing through, this sounds complex but it's not, as long as you bear in mind right from the start that positive energy must be able to flow into you and nourish you you will be okay. On the other hand if you stop all energy flowing towards you, you will without doubt kill yourself!


Once you have constructed your protective barrier, you will need to reinforce it regularly throughout the day, unless you have a tremendously powerful will it will fade quite quickly, it's a bit like a rubber ball, the way your energy field is at the moment is like the rubber ball in its normal shape, if you squeeze the rubber ball you can change its shape, but as soon as you let go it returns to its original shape, so to in the beginning your energy field will have a tendency to return to its natural state, in your case open to everything! Don't worry your energy field is also a reflection of your mind as well as everything else, so it will slowly adjust until eventually it maintains the protection with you only thinking about it once a day or so, but for the time being, every time you think of it close your eyes rebuild the barrier, then get on with your day.


Most of the phenomena happening to you, happens when you are alone I assume, so obviously this is the time you need to be most vigilant! Depending on how strong your will and imagination is you may be able to create a strong enough barrier to stop all phenomena happening to you the first night, and that would be great and wouldn't surprise me at all, on the other hand it may take you a few days to achieve complete close down. I'm only mentioning this possibility so that you don't give up too early, it may take some time or it may not.


So that's one aspect to closing down, but we still have your third eye to deal with!


The best way to learn to close the third eye, is to learn to open it! Now you're thinking that can make things worse, and yes in all honesty it could, but you have to remember, what is out there is already out there, you will just see a bit more of it, and hopefully you will focus on seeing the positive energy around you rather than the negative, but that's up to you and your focus at the time! So you are going to have to be brave, and risk it, hopefully because you are doing the other three exercises I've suggested you will feel strong enough to risk doing this! If not wait a few days until you do. However as soon as you succeed in closing both the third eye and your energy all your problems will be over.


Practising opening the third eye.


Do this in private to begin with. Close your eyes and with your third eye look at your hands, or your legs and feet. You will probably perceive a smoky and blobby image, again just accept whatever comes to you, don't try and force it to begin with! Or call up the image of Michael as John Travolta, regardless of which you do the rest of this paragraph applies. If it is Mike you have chosen, ask Mike to show you it's self in its true form, believe me Mike will be more than happy to help you in any way it can. You may see it as a huge ball of light or you may see an image of an angel with wings etc, if so fantastic, if not don't worry keep working with the John Travolta image. Whatever happens is okay at this stage! If you do see Mike in another form other than John Travolta you will know you have succeeded in opening the third eye more! If you are working with a smoky image of part of your body the image should resolve itself somehow. Now just as you would close your physical eyes deliberately close your third eye, again like imagining the energy field this is simply an act of will! You could try imagining the third eye closing slowly and deliberately or quickly like the blink of an eye, play with the possibilities, if you succeed in closing it instantly don't be too worried about opening it up again deliberately, at this stage you are flexing your psychic muscles, and just like your physical muscles the more you use them for more control you have over them.


If I haven't described this well enough for you to do it don't hesitate to ask for clarification! And I'd just like to say, from everything I've perceived of you, you have tremendous potential, I can't tell how the potential will manifest but it is most definitely reflected in your energy, sadly I'm not the only one who recognises your energy as being special, the nasty stuff also recognises you, and that's why you're having your particular brand of hell thrust upon you at this time. As you know I went through my possession and now look back on it as an important stepping stone in my life, I promise you if you put the effort into ending this stage, and developing the next you bloom into something quite wonderful.


I think I remember the movie you are talking about, John Travolta's one of my favourite actors, there's something quite mad about him that comes over in the roles he plays, real movie stars, have particular energy field that we are all aware of subconsciously, as humanity is growing, maturing, more and more of us are aware at some level of others' energy fields, and I suspect this is one of the reasons the whole world is succumbing to the cult of celebrity.


Mikhail is very fond of you, as is Archangel Raphael, Raphael was the first angel that contacted me, it's often seen as the healing Angel whereas Mike is the protector, if you continue to work with Mike it will become your friend as it has mine. Don't worry about how you perceive an angel initially, the first time I met Rafi I was in what you may call a shamanic journey, I came across the most beautiful sculpture of a traditional Christian angel carved out of a solid block of jet black stone, though I was journeying I stopped to marvel at this beautiful sculpture, after a few minutes of walking around it admiring the workmanship, it moved! Honestly I nearly wet my pants! It introduced itself and told me it was always just a thought away, and that I could call upon its help whenever I needed it. Since then I have also met most if not all of the higher angels, and hundreds of lesser beings. When I say lesser beings I don't mean that in a derogatory form, it's simply a matter of hierarchy of function.


You've probably noticed I always refer to the Angels as an it not he or she, this is because they don't have any sex, some of them like Mikhail have to us a very definite male energy others a definite female energy, but it shouldn't be confused with gender, the reason I mention this is that by anthropomorphising the Angels we loose sight of what they actually are, the builders of our solar system, and the most powerful energy most human beings are likely to truly feel near them.


If one takes the time to develop a relationship with them the rewards are huge, I hope that someday soon you include at least one angel in your list of friends, but a word of caution these are very powerful beings, it's actually difficult for them to, for want of a better expression, narrow themselves down to the point we can communicate. As an example of this, a year or two ago I called in Archangel Mettatron one of the most powerful angels there is, as it came into the room there was a huge surge in air pressure, which separated the bay window from the rest of the house, it took me weeks to repair the damage! So be careful to begin with and treat them with the utmost respect, you may think this is an unnecessary warning, but I've read books written by so-called Angel experts who suggest stupid things like we use angels to find lost watches etc and that just exasperates me!


Anyway I hope the above instructions are clear enough for you to make sense of them? I don't know if I've mentioned this already but I am terribly dyslexic, I write by using voice activated software, it's really very good but it does make mistakes, because of my dyslexia I don't always recognise them especially when a word has two possible spellings like their and there, so in longer e-mails like this there is probably a few mistakes, the reason I'm telling you this is by knowing it you will be able to fill in the blanks so to speak.


Good luck with the above, lots of love Len.




Hi Len. Looks like I've got some work to do. I've been doing the sieving for several days now. It really works. I will let you know how everything else works but wanted to share a few things.


The spirits are with me all day, they just seem to get worse at night. It seems as though I have one morphed in with my body all the time. Not sure if it's negative or positive. I can tell because I get a flicker in my vision when I close my eyes, or immediately after I open my eyes after being shut a while. I'm probably just overly sensitive to it recently, but my daughter and I really have not been getting along in the last several months. I just don't want this to be because of this spirit influencing my personality. It's probably just teenage behavior and my reaction to it, but I want some reassurance.


Also, when I close my eyes, after a while I see things. Sometimes it's colors and shapes, and sometimes it's a pattern that's black and white. Kind of looks like frost on a window. Kind of freaky when you don't know what it is.


I will let you know when I've got the 3rd eye down and everything else you've been so kind to teach me. You're a life saver! I didn't think I could go on much longer without knowing what all these experiences were; I was desperately hanging on. Thank you!








Hi Emily,


Thanks for keeping me up to date, yes I'm afraid you do have some work to do! LOL


Also I have some suggestions regarding your relationship with your daughter. Young girls are probably the hardest beings in the universe to deal with during puberty and after, of course the energies could be having an effect but I think it's unlikely. One of the things someone in your position must be most careful about is not seeing every problem in your life as being related to outside influence. I'd have been concerned if you hadn't ended your paragraph by you saying it's probably just teenage behaviour and my reaction to it! It's such a relief for me to be helping someone who has not completely fallen into the victim mode! Two thirds of the people I help have become almost helpless because they can't sort out their everyday problems from their real problems. And believe me though in the end I'm usually able to help them it takes an age, and to be quite frank it's exhausting.


But I do have a few very powerful techniques to enable you to improve your reaction to your daughter's behaviour, and a book I always suggest people read, personally I think this book is the most important book written in the last century or two. It's by Eckhart Tolly and is called A New Earth, it's one of those spiritual books that people only tend to understand when they are ready to hear the message within it! It wouldn't surprise me if you fall into this category, it's a long read and may take you a number of reads before you fully absorb everything, I think I read it three or four times myself before I was able to apply all the ideas, but it's really helped many thousands of people!


The Flicker you get in your eyes. I assume you have ruled out both neurological and eye problems? I've got to ask, it's good professional conduct!


I have come across something similar on a number of occasions, but without seeing you on video or in person I can't tell you definitively what the flickering may be. Sometimes if someone has a particularly nasty shock, usually emotionally, though sometimes physically, their energy field can move to one side or from front to back, and sometimes both, this leaves the person unscented within their energy field, a friend suffers from this every now and then, luckily she can perceive the energy field and bring herself back into the centre of it. I think this happens to her because she had a difficult childhood, and when she was a child she was always trying to escape from the pain of everyday life, anyway it's a possibility that for some reason, perhaps because you are unconsciously cringing away from the negative energies you are no longer centred within your energy field, as you begin to perceive your energy field you may be able to tell whether this is the case or not. But to help you now, if you assume this is the case and deliberately try to move your energy field around you using your will and imagination to place yourself perfectly centred within it, it may end the flickering problem. Again I'm afraid you're going to have to do this regularly until your energy field is back to normal.


If you have moved off centre, this would go a long way to explaining why your energy field is so open and weak. And this in turn will speed up your ability to push away the negative energy. It could also be your third eye turning on and off so to speak, so instead of it being turned on all the time it may be turning on and off rapidly or intermittently. But I actually think this is good news, it's just a matter of learning how to become in control of it. Once you are you will be able to switch it off easily, and though you probably can't think this way yet it will be wonderful for you when you can turn it on at will and gather amazing information!


After reading your e-mail, and you reminding me that you feel the energy all the time, it may be a good idea to instead of just creating a barrier around your energy field, you instead imagine the protection starting deep in the core of your physical as just a tiny speck, which grows outwards pushing anything (negative to you and that doesn't perfectly resonate with this plane of existence) out and way, then stops at the outer edge of your field. I hope that makes sense if not as always just ask for clarification!


The frost on the window effect!


This is probably you perceiving through your third eye, and will help you learn to close it, by an act of will you should eventually be able to stop this happening, by imagining you're closing an eyelid over it, as I've already mentioned, but you could also try just telling it to stop, the third eye doesn't really have an eyelid of course, but it does help sometimes to imagine it that way. It may help you to understand that the pineal gland works as everything else in the brain does, by tiny sparks of electricity, in your case the pineal gland is permanently turned on so to speak, you need to turn it off, so you could try imagining you have a light switch in your head, by flicking the switch to off, flick it again to on. As I've already said this is all about will and imagination at this stage, use your will to make things happen, and your imagination to find ways to allow it to happen.


Everyone is different, I've never found any one way that works for everybody, if one thing doesn't work for you try something else, all I can say is keep trying until you find a way to turn the pineal gland off at will.


Lots of love Len




Thank you Len; it's all so fascinating. I will be practicing, practicing, practicing and let you know how it's working. I'm currently working on the centering, sieving, creating a positive energy field.


As to your suggestions about the flickering, I agree, it could be both, so I'm trying all of the things you suggested. I would like to think I've recovered from my painful childhood, but there are always scars that don't go away.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Blessings, Emily




Good morning Len. Just a quick check in. I'm continuing to work on the strengthening, building, bordering, and centering of my energy. Seems to be working well. I haven't been as successful with the closing of the third eye. I've asked Michael to reveal himself and I haven't received anything....so, I continue with that.


Someone at work let me borrow her microphone so I can now try to download SKYPE.


Hope all is well in the UK.






Hi Emily,


I'm so glad things are progressing, don't worry about the slow progress with the third eye, for many healers etc this is the holy grail, so don't beat yourself up about this.


I'm now convinced, I think you called it the flickering in your eye, anyway I'm convinced this has something to do with you opening up and closing down, perhaps if you can make this a more conscious function, by focusing upon it when it happens, you may be able to discover enough about it to enable you to do it consciously, in other words, if you open up unconsciously or automatically, you will be able to reverse the process and close it down.


Great news about Skype you could also try the new Yahoo messaging with video connection!


Keep up the good work, Len.




Good morning Len.


The computer is back up, at least for now. I don't seem to be progressing in my skills, is there something else I should be doing? Perhaps my expectations are unrealistic as far as timing is concerned. I still feel the spirits around me, but I'm presuming they are positive energy. At night, when it morphs itself into my body and I feel the heaviness and warmth, if I'm not sleeping, I see faces, eyes, colors, strange things while my eyes are closed. I work with my energy several times a day.


Last night there was a ladybug flying around me. I thought this was odd because the weather outside is wet, windy, and dreary; not ladybug weather. I googled to see if there was some sort of symbolism to the ladybug. Most of the information I found said it was a sign of "good luck." What I did find was interesting was a piece that said seeing a ladybug meant that someone was getting in their own way, and to step aside and let the great spirit take over.










Hi Emily,


Yes I have to agree, things do seem to be moving slowly but I wouldn't worry about it too much, do me a favour, go back to the first few e-mails we wrote to each other, then reappraise how much progress you have made and let me know!


As for the faces etc don't worry about this at all, firstly it happens to a lot of people, secondly there's no harm in it, thirdly, personally I really enjoy it, yes the ugly ones can be a bit disconcerting as with the alien looking faces, but I get just as many beautiful images to look at as I do ugly, and it helps pass the time as I wait to sleep.


There is very serious work one can do with these images, but I don't think you're ready for it just yet, try and enjoy them, once you do you may find there not so persistent, but honestly who knows.


Ladybug, by the way we in the UK call them ladybirds for some reason! I think it's because generally speaking their admired and bug kind of sounds ugly. They are also believed to bring good luck in this country, though I find the idea that it could symbolise someone getting in their own way fascinating, we all tend to do it! Why not assume it may be the case for you and see if you can step away!


Well I hope you got this and your computer is working at the moment, stay in touch lots of love Len.





Hi Len. I hope your Holiday was blessed with cheer and good health.


So sorry for the lag; I have a new computer now so communicating will be so much easier, it even has a web cam so I will look into getting Skype downloaded. I would also like to get your mailing address. I'm hoping to get a tax refund so I can send you some money to pay you for the time and effort you have devoted in helping and educating me.


The faces don't bother me fortunately, I see a lot of eyes, alien faces, and skulls. What are these faces and why do we see them?


I continue to have daily/nightly experiences. I feel the spirits around me all the time, but I'm presuming they are positive energies because I haven't had a lot of negative or frightening instances. I do at times on occasion at night feel like someone is laying on top of me, but not in a threatening way. It gets very hot, depending upon how I'm laying and how it's laying. Maybe this happens every night and I just sleep through it, I don't know!


I work with my energy on a daily basis, and it feels amazing. You said that you're just an "average" person walking around, and you don't perceive these energies unless you open your third eye. Does that mean my third eye continues to remain open?


I've been paying closer attention to everything. The flickering I see only comes around when a certain spirit or energy comes around. It's the one that morphs itself into me. I see it externally sometimes at night before I fall asleep, and in the morning, I see it "internally" (for lack of a better term) because it has morphed itself into me. Could this be Michael? Another important question I have. Do these energies or spirits have healing powers? This could all just be a coincidence, but it has happened several times. My daughter had a cold a few months back and I felt it coming on myself; the first sign for me is a scratchy throat. I went to bed with a scratchy throat and woke up feeling perfect. Another time my daughter had a stomach bug pretty severely where she was vomiting for 24 hours. I started feeling nauseated a couple days later, went to bed, and felt better in the morning. I also had a pretty large canker sore on the inside of my cheek. That night I felt the energy or spirit in my mouth (it feels like a fullness and tingly feeling), the canker sore went away in about 3 days, it usually takes a week to ten days. Just yesterday I went to bed with a toothache, this morning it was gone. This is all just fascinating.


I've been paying closer attention to my intuitive feelings. My father called me the other day and I knew when the phone rang and saw it was from him, what he wanted to talk about. I was unknowningly speeding on the interstate couple days ago and something told me to look at the speedometer. I slowed down to the speed limit and then immediately saw a police car hiding on the side of the road. (It was night time.)


Are these all coincidences?


I have yet to be able to communicate with Michael, but wonder if the flickering energy is Michael.


I also wanted to let you know I'm thinking about going off, or at least decreasing my dose of anti depressants. I see my doctor in a couple weeks, but I've been feeling great emotionally. :)


I hope this finds you well, and again, I apologize for the delay in response.








Hi Emily,


Thank you, yes we had a nice holiday, and I hope you two did also.


That's great news about the new computer! Hopefully soon we will be able to have a chat on Skype.


As for the faces skulls etc, can we leave that for the time being, it's best to just enjoy it like TV at the moment.


I'm glad to hear most of the frightening experiences are now gone. It sounds like you are now winning the battle with yourself, and finally getting control over your energy. So keep up the good work, keep practising everything I've told you so far, I just wish we lived closer and I was able to help you more directly.


It's hard for me to tell whether your third eye is still stuck open continually, I rather think not, but in all honesty I can't tell, it's most likely you have gained a limited control over it, sorry only time will tell, you have to look at it a bit like when someone has an accident and loses control of, for example their legs, they then have too relearn to walk, gaining control over third eye can be just as hard as this example, I think I've said before, gaining control over the third eye is the holy grail for most psychics, Indian Masters sometimes spent many years alone in caves etc to gain control. But remember you are hugely lucky, you were born far more talented than most people, and you will reap the rewards of your hard effort soon enough.


The flickering and its association with one energy, this could be Michael trying to show you it's light, or as I've said before, it could be your third eye opening and closing, that would also explain why some nights you aren't aware of anything, on these nights it's flicked closed, other nights it's open and so you experience the greater reality. I still suggest you try to take control by continuing to pay real attention to the flickering, and perhaps this way you will be able to flick it on and off consciously. Or it may be a bit of both, that is to say Michael is perhaps being with you very strongly when ever it flicks on, and this is the way Michael is showing you it is with you and protecting you.


Communicating with Michael, try this in the morning when you feel it internally, have a conversation with yourself, but let the flow be slow, gentle and natural, if you notice, thoughts, or answers to questions, that you don't expect from yourself, this may well indicate they are coming from Michael, but don't push it be gentle open and willing to accept whatever comes.


Having looked at you energetically, I would be amazed if you weren't now recognising strings of seeming coincidences, all the work you have done is designed to help you grow psychically. Yes the positive energies can heal, but have you considered it's probably you doing the healing?


As for the antidepressants, if I were you I would only consider reducing them slowly, on this matter have you been taking the bicarbonate of soda I suggested in one of our very earliest e-mails? I ask because bicarb in my view is incredibly helpful for depression, I have no scientific proof of this, just anecdotal proof, in that the people with depression I have suggested use it have all reported significant reductions in their depression, anyway let me know one way or the other if you've been taking it or not so that I can advise you further.


Goodbye for now my friend, hopefully I'll get to see you soon on Skype.


With love Len.




Good day Len.


I have to admit, I absolutely love receiving your email. They are so helpful and informative and your talents are incredibly facinating. I can only hope to nuture a fraction of the talents you have.


I went to see my doctor yesterday (Psychiatrist- he manages my anti depressants). He practices Internal medicine 4 days a week, and psychiatry 1 day a week. He does a depression scale rating on me every time I go. My score is at an all time low! Yay! My highest was a 12, now I'm at a 3. From the beginning of my experiences a little less than a year ago, I've shared with him what I've encountered. Initially, because those around me thought I was hallucinating, but I proved them wrong when I went off all my meds completely and the encounters continued. He has really surprised me in that he hasn't judged me and thought I was nuts. For someone that practices the medical model and is a "scientist," he actually has an open mind about all of this. I gave him your website address, hope that's ok. He is facinated by this as well. He actually contacted a Medical School on the East Coast about my case (when this all started)because the school focuses on mental health and how it correlates with the "paranormal" or spirit world. I also want to tell you I haven't had any active problems with my IBS either. I will be honest and tell you I completely forgot about the bicarbonate. I will start taking that very soon, especially since the doc is cutting my antidepressant in half.


I never thought that perhaps I'm healing myself. I presume that's possible since I seem to have more "control" over my energy.


I talk to Michael every night when I go to bed. I thank him for protecting me. I never "hear" or perceive any response, but I do occasionally see bright lights or feel a warmth or relaxation overcome me. I feel as though he is with me quite often. One morning this week I was very tired, comfortable, and didn't want to get out of bed. I had hit the snooze on my phone alarm several times and I was obviously late in getting up. I tried to hit the snooze on my phone one more time and my phone froze. It wouldn't release the buzzing or allow me to turn it off until I actually got out of bed, then it suddenly un-froze itself. Little things like that happen quite often, I contribute it to my "friends." I been told by my daughter who sleeps with me occasionally that I've been talking in my sleep a lot more, and I often wake myself up talking. I don't think this is a coincidence either.


Do you know when someone calls you into their home? I called you into my home and wonder if you perceive when someone does that? We can talk about that when I get Skype working.


I hope this is a fantastic year and decade for you and that someday we get to meet face to face in person! My goal is to travel to Europe some day.


Thank you for everything you have done, and I hope to learn so much more from you.


Warm regards,





Shortly after this e-mail we started to communicate by Skype for the first time




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Name: sue xxxxxx



Comments: dear len,i am seeking help for my grandson,xxxxxxx,also called xxxx,who has recently had some mental health issues.he is 16,&been diagnosed possible bi-polar.his story is as follows.some months ago while at a music festival he found &took a pill which was probably ecstacy.this seemed to lead to some psychotic episodes for which he was hospitalsed twice.we took him to see a psychic healer & she told us that muddy had an elemental other worldly entity occopying the right side of his head. she explained that in his previous life muddy had been sacrificed to this entity in a diety form,at age 16,beheaded in a jungle setting,& that the entity had come to claim him once more upon him turning 16.she said that she could not remove it as it was very powerful,but would probably go away eventually as it had been "outed" by her.xxxxx is currently on some medication to control psychosis. he is a beautiful boy &we would dearly like to help him,thus i am writing to you in the hope that you could help him. xxxxx has not been told about his possible possession. i am writing with the knowledge & permission of his father,my son xxxxx.thanking you ,sue




Dear Len, thanks for your reply. Full name is xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. d.o.b xxxxxx . address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAustralia, please find photo attached he's the blonde one.Thanking you once again for your care in this matter.


Yours sincerely Sue Xxxxxxxx.




Hello Sue,



Thank you for the additional information, the photograph is the most important thing we can have, though I don't like asking for them! With both the photograph and the addresses we will find him easily, because of the information you supplied in your first e-mail, indicating this may be a powerful energy I have not had a look at him yet, this is because if I do so now to enable me to tell you whether there is a negative energy attached to him, the energy will recognise me as someone (something) that could overwhelm it (remove and return it to its original plane) and prepare itself for a battle, because of the danger to us me I only do this work when the three of us can be together, Sarah and xxxxx protect me and provide additional information from their unique psychic perspectives as I trap and remove the energy. Unfortunately because of prior commitments the three of us cannot be together for about a week! However xxxxxxis a priority for us we will work on him as soon as humanly possible, in the meantime please do not worry it takes many months for an energy to work into a human being to the point it can do real damage, in xxxxx case the ecstasy probably gave the energy a unique opportunity to jump in more quickly than it would have been able to under normal circumstances, but all is far from lost he will be okay.



We are well used to dealing with extremely powerful negative energies, up to now we have not come across anything we cannot easily handle, the true negative energies in the universe are not really interested in the vast majority of humanity, they are interested in the three of us but that's only because we now have energetic signatures which highlights us as beings able to interfere with them, xxxxxx is highly unlikely to fall into this category and attract something really dangerous.


So please rest assured he is in good hands, and try not to worry!



With love Len




Dear Len,

Thanks again for your reply. I got goose bumps when I read it. Very excited by all of this.I have full confidence in you & I'm so happy to have found you guys. I will now relax & await further correspondence.thank you, thank you,thank you.love Sue.




Hi Sue,


We managed to work on xxxxxxx a few days earlier than anticipated, on Wednesday night at 8.30 UK time to be precise.



Yes he did have an attachment though it was far less powerful than anticipated, and therefore easily removed. Many negative energy's pretend to be something they aren't, this one did try to attack us but that's par for the course, we use a universal law that forces any energy to reveal its true colours, so to speak, it showed us how weak it really was, so it's up to you whether you tell Muddy the whole truth, that he wasn't sacrificed etc or whether you let him believe he was, and have a really good story to tell the girls.



That's not to say it was so weak it couldn't harm xxxxx , it was harming him, but I sincerely doubt it was the cause of all his psychosis, I'm afraid the ecstasy was the real daemon in this case, having said that his recovery should be much swifter now, I'd hazard a guess and say in three months time you should see real improvement, though hopefully you may see some change immediately.



We will also be looking at and working on xxxxx on Monday night and check on his progress energetically, along with checking on his progress and encouraging it in every way we can every week after that until we are certain he is getting well.



Please let us know of his progress from your perspective from time to time.



Hoping to hear from you soon love, Len.




Dear Len,


Very pleased to hear the good news.I have not seen xxxx this week, but spoke to his father last night &told him everything you had to say.He was very happy to know you were able to help him.


I believe 8.30pm UK Wed is 5.30am Thurs AU. I asked him how xxxxx was that day & he said that actually xxxxx was spontaneously affectionate to him Thursday night and gave him a big hug. I think this is significant because xxxxx has been quite angry with his dad for some time now, he sort of blamed him for being hospitalised etc, although it was not his doing really, it was because xxxxx was in such a state at school one day that the authorities took over(pretty scary) & admitted him because he said he was hearing voices.


So does that mean the entity lied to xxxxxx (healer) about its power. I had reason to accept what she said as she has helped us once before,but that is another story with another grandson , who we would like you to have a look at sometime. I have 8 children &16 grandchildren , so we could potentially keep you busy (just joking).Once again thank you so much for caring & doing so much to help xxxxx,I am sure it will have positive effects & I will keep you posted on further developments.


Sincerely Sue.


PS, My son told me that our dog was growling & snapping at xxxxx last time he was here so we will see how that goes next time.Bye!





Hi Sue,


We are so pleased muddy gave his father a big hug! This kind of subtle change is exactly what one would hope for in a case like this. And hopefully your dog will give us another indication that things are returning to normal soon.



Our perception of what happens to a person who is affected by an outside energy is coloured by Hollywood, the media, books etc, we tend to imagine people are affected instantly, and when it's removed, again they react instantly. This is rarely the case, in my own case for example, when I became fully possessed by a very powerful energy it still took about three or four months for it to start affecting my behaviour significantly, and once it was removed it took many months for me to recover fully, admittedly this was partly due to my physical recovery, for a month or so before I found help, I had hardly slept or eaten anything, obviously this had devastated my body.




In reality one must resonate with the possessing energy, it's kind of like falling in love, you know how people in love just think they click? Now don't misunderstand me it's in no way like being in love except for the click!


My point is that there must be an affinity on both sides, my possessing energy could not influence me to do anything that I would not have done in an extreme situation anyway, the problem is when one is possessed one is living at the extreme the whole time! In xxxxx case the ecstasy changed his brain chemistry, the energy probably saw an opportunity to move in quickly (the voices etc) he now must recover from this change in brain chemistry, unfortunately this will take some time, my friend is a long time user of ecstasy, it had no discernible effects on him for a long time, then suddenly he changed, he was even aware of the change and new exactly the pill that did it to him! I wish this side effect of ecstasy was better understood by the public, it wouldn't stop kids taking ecstasy but at least they and their parents would understand what had happened.


Sorry I digress, the ecstasy just allowed things to happen a little bit faster in xxxxx case, luckily you acted swiftly and found a good healer then us before the energy could work into him significantly and formed a real physical and emotional bond. But the energy would have probably found a way into xxxxx eventually anyway, because they resonated, this would have been a long slow process that no one would have noticed until xxxxx began to react strangely.


So ironically the ecstasy may have done you all a favour by highlighting the situation!



When we looked at him Sarah noted the past life resonance which did have, for her, a jungle flavour, this could mean many things, we didn't go into it at the time because our priority was removing the energy, (to be honest when I am holding something that is trying to attack us I'd rather get the job done quickly) as I said this wasn't a very powerful one and therefore it's unlikely to have been worshipped in the past, also our helpers on the astral took the energy and processed it for us, they only do this, in this way, when something has had a physical body in the past, in other words at some time this energy was probably human.


Perhaps it was a friend or lover or perhaps a relative of xxxxx, you see you can't return lets say, an angel into the light because it's never had an incarnate life, if this was a true disincarnate negative energy and in some odd way worthy of some kind of worship I would have had to have processed it in an entirely different fashion.


So yes they lie, they lie all the time, without some means of discrimination a medium has no choice but to accept on face value whatever they are perceiving and being told. This causes immense problems, you wouldn't believe how many people we have come across who think they are channelling a ascended being when in reality it's just a negative energy having fun at the expense of the channel! This is why so many people channel American red Indian chiefs etc! (Please excuse my unpolitically correct language)



Please don't imagine I am criticising xxxxxx, I'm not, she's obviously very skilled and new her limitations and didn't try to remove it herself, this shows real wisdom, she just believed what she was being told by a skilled liar, why shouldn't she I was taught how to use the xxxxxxxxxxxx to discriminate the level of evolution of any energy by the healer who removed the possessing energy from me, without this skill I could not work in the way I do now, if you like please show xxxxxx our e-mails, I would be happy to teach her the way if she'd like to get in touch.



Anyway, hopefully xxxxx will recover swiftly now, but we do have more work to do for him in the future, it may well help him if you took him back to xxxxxx, I believe face-to-face work can be quicker and sometimes more effective than from a distance.



Hopefully I'll hear from you with continuing good news soon, and perhaps from xxxxxx as well.



With love Len.




Dear Len,

Sorry for the delay in replying.xxxxx came to stay with us on the weekend,and we thought he felt a little lighter, a little happier & the dog was nuzzling up to him! I just spoke to xxxx (his dad),and he said he hesitates to say, but that he feels Muddy has been in a much better mood since your intervention, relating better to his brother & sister, and that the whole house feels lighter.


Apparently, when his mother was in India,I think 96,she was told by an astrologer that xxxxx would have a hard time in his 16th year, being bothered by something that was following her. She tends to think it is an old boyfriend who was manic depressive & killed himself. I should mention that there is some mental illness in her family. Another angle may be that xxxxx side of the family comes from the New Hebrides, a possible jungle connection.


My husband (the one in the photo with xxxxx) is not his real grandfather. Just explaining some family business.Anyway, the main thing is we hope xxxxx is getting better.Regardingxxxxxx, I don't think we will be seeing her again, xxxxx did not like her, so probably would not happily go back to see her. He has been very embarrased by the whole thing & prefers not to speak about it, that's why it's perfect the way you have done everything.


Xxxxx has still not mentioned any of this to xxxxxx , perhaps in the future.So, thank you again for what you have done for us, we think its wonderful what you are able to do & thank God for people like you. If there is anything we can do for you, please say.




Hi Sue,


I myself have been away for the last five or six days, I have a place in the country, a little cottage in a wood we use to get ourselves back in touch with nature.



It's good to hear you have noted some subtle signs of his recovery, I'm afraid we don't expect miracles in his case, just a slow process over the months, still at least he now has a very good chance of a full recovery.



As for his embarrassment, I think you're correct! The less said the better!



And as far as anything you can do for me, well yes there is , if you get the opportunity tell people about me, and the site. Please do.




Hi Len ! sue here. I just wanted to write to you to let you know how well xxxxx is doing.

The doctor has taken him off all medication, and he appears to be back to his old self again. He is feeling well & happy and Xxxxx credits it all to you.He feels there has been a distinct turnaround since your intervention and we just want to thank you so much. Hope you

&your family are all well.


Love sue. Hare Krsna!


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