Geopathic Stress is natural earth vibrations, rising up and being distorted by electromagnetic fields often created by underground streams, cavities and some mineral concentrations, fault lines, and sometimes even mining.




Humans have been aware of earth energies from the beginning of time, though in recent years we've forgotten what we used to understand intimately. The ancient Britons for example, knew where to build and not to build, standing stones mark positive places all over the UK and Ireland. And today the aboriginal people of Australia have one of the best understandings of energies and places, through what they refer to as dream time, so do the Chinese through Feng-shui and the people of India through Ayurveda, and the list goes on.


Negative energy and particularly fragments commonly known as ghosts are attracted to geopathic stress, however it's better known for creating health problems, so I've included this page both for those interested in ghosts and other forms of negative energy, and perhaps therefore geopathic stress, and those interested in ghosts who are having health problems, or have family and friends who do.


I cannot stress too much how disastrous geopathic stress is for your health. While I am an expert in what I do, I "only" have a good working understanding of geopathic stress and its effects. So rather than trying to convince you of the reality of geopathic stress, I'd prefer you learn about it from an expert in the subject.


Undoubtedly the world's leading expert on geographic stress is Mr Rolf Gordon.


Amongst others, he has written a book called Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place. A good part of this book is devoted to easy ways to teach yourself to dowse, which is essential to find geographic stress. It will give you everything you need to know, and is less expensive than most books of its kind on the subject.


I'd like to add I have no affiliation with Mr. Gordon, he dowsed my homes and I've written to him and spoken on the phone a few times but that’s the extent of my direct contact with him. In all the cases, when I've helped people with cancer, there has been strong geopathic stress in their homes, and invariably I have asked them to contact Mr. Gordon. Though he sells a machine to counteract the geopathic stress, along with other health products, he is never pushy or tries to sell something that’s not needed. In fact because he was so concerned about the terrible geopathic stress in their home, he gave a machine to one of my clients knowing they could not afford it.


If you are a paranormal investigator. An understanding of geopathic stress and an ability to detect it will lead you directly to the areas of a place or building the "abnormal" activity is likely to take place.



There is a link to Mr Gordon on my link page.


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