A page on cancer may seem somewhat strange on a site like this! But it really isn't, everything in the universe is energy and everything is driven by intelligence.


We tend to think we are in charge of our bodies, but of course we aren't, most of what happens, digestion, circulation, cell replication etc happens automatically. Our own bodies have an intelligence all of their own quite separate from our minds. And over and above that, every cell has its own intelligence allied to the whole, but sadly that intelligence can be overridden. We override that intelligence ourselves often. Stress is probably the easiest example of this, when we allow ourselves to become stressed it affects our immune system and our digestion etc and long-term stress causes chronic illnesses. It's how we mentally and emotionally react to stress that drives this process, an airline pilot may thrive on the stress of his or her job, and yet the stress of his or her every day home life may make them unwell. The physiological symptoms of both types of stress are exactly the same, and yet one makes us feel fantastic the other dreadful.


However sometimes an outside force overrides the cells intelligence, individually at first then in groups they lose the awareness that they are part of a greater whole, they start acting as individuals, at the end of the normal life cycle instead of dying they continue living and not only that, they reproduce themselves producing new cells just like themselves, and at a tremendous rate.



This is what we call cancer!



In exactly the same way that I and others like me, see negative energies, Demons and fragments etc, attached to people I also see, what I've come to think of as simply Cancer Attachments, attached to people and I'm far from the first!



The removal process is almost the same, though I have to be even more careful than I am with Demons.



If you are suffering from cancer and you'd like to discuss this further please contact me.




Or if this is just too wild an idea for you to swallow, please go to my links page where you will find a link to the best information site on cancer on the net, you'd also be very wise to visit the link to Ralph Gordon's site and find out about geopathic stress, it may save your life!


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