How To See The Etheric Body



The physical body has a vibration, in energetic terms quite a slow one, the next slowest vibrational body is the etheric. And it's almost physical matter itself, it permeates and extends beyond the physical body, and the portion closest to the physical body is really quite dense. This allows most of us to see it with our physical eyes.



In front of a light surface like a painted wall, ideally light blue or white, hold your hands up in front of your face at arms length, leaving a gap of a millimetre or so between your fingertips.


Without trying too hard, focus upon your fingertips, after a moment you will see what may look like a heat haze around your fingers, as you keep looking at it. you will notice it has a blueish tinge, usually extending a few millimetres beyond your skin.Once you have the etheric layer in view, slowly move your hands apart, you will see the etheric stretches, as you pull them further apart it will finally snap and return to its normal shape.


After you have tried this a number of times, to prove to yourself, you are not seeing something to do with the difference between the colour of your fingers and the background, or some kind of optical illusion. Find a piece of paper, or anything else that is the same or a very similar colour to your hands. Hold it up to the fingers of one hand, you will see a very fine line around it, which is an optical illusion, though it will usually be much brighter and thinner than the etheric layer, however if you look carefully at your hand you will also see this very fine bright line around your fingers, and just beyond that you will see the etheric layer, though only on your hands but not the paper. Now slowly move your hand away, you will see there is no stretching of your etheric layer.