Alien abduction and implants,



The further one research into this area the more compelling some of the evidence becomes, however I can't pretend I'm a firm believer in UFOs because I haven't seen one with my own eyes. And nor have I been abducted.


Alien abductees who fear they have implants have contacted me out of desperation because they have few other places to turn.


The abductees have one overriding fear, and that is, from experience, they will be abducted again and again. And they fear there is nowhere to hide.




But they and you can be hidden!




In a similar way as I protect people from further attack by negative energy I can also protect people from further abduction.


Imagine for a moment that you too can look into the astral, if you turned your attention to a large group of a few thousand human beings, initially you would see thousands of bright balls of light, amongst those balls of light a few would be very very bright, it's the brightest ones that normally attract negative energy. This works something like moths being attracted to the brightest light in any given area. Alien abductees aren't necessarily brighter on the astral, but they do display a particular wavelength, and I suspect this is what attracts to them, whatever it is that abducts them.



By cloaking an abductees energy they can no longer be found!



I now take this matter so seriously, I cloak myself my loved ones, and every client.



Although my research indicates in most cases, when surgically removed what had been thought to be alien implants, have turned out to have earthly explanations. When I've removed them energetically I have not found shards of steel etc! I have found highly intense specs of energy which seem to have been manufactured in some fashion I don't understand!


The specs of energy I have found are very deep within the body and could never be felt externally. I suspect the few who fear they have implants, and happen to have something near the surface of their skin they can feel, are justifiably assuming this must be the implant. But nobody in this category has contacted me so far so I can't be sure!


If you are an abductee and or fear you may have an implant, please don't hesitate to contact me, I can remove it and cloak you and the abductions will end.



Dark Matter



If you have read my experience of being possessed, you will already understand I have experienced life throughout the physical universe. On the being possessed page I only talk about the first time I travelled into the greater reality. Since recovering from the possession I have gone back many times.


In order for physicists, and quantum physicists etc, theoretical mathematical models of the universe to work, they have had to allow for other dimensions over and above our own. Along with many others, I have also attempted to enter and experience other dimensions. I can't pretend my attempts have been particularly fruitful, entering the astral and travelling through it, is relatively easy, compared with entering another dimension. Additionally all known rules, in every way imaginable, no longer apply! This means it's extraordinarily difficult to make sense of whatever one experiences.


However along with other psychics, I have found forms of intelligence within other dimensions. it would seem to me that it's entirely possible one or more of these intelligences has found a way to enter our dimension, either in the same way we have entered their dimensions, or using some kind of vehicle, UFO to us. I have only scratched the surface of the possibilities within other dimensions there may be dimensions reachable that are not so dissimilar to our own, and therefore one could function quite happily within them. If this is the case, it would go a long way to explain UFOs and alien abduction.


Though it's just as likely that other intelligent physical lifeforms have found a method of bridging the huge distances between star systems, and perhaps even galaxies, and are able to move between galaxies in the blink of an eye.


I believe the most likely way this could be done, would be to travel through dark matter, one reads about wormholes and warp drives, as methods of bridging huge distances, many popular science-fiction movies and TV shows explore these possibilities. And so the arguments against these form of travel are well understood.


Dark matter on the other hand is only just being theorised. I have stated on this website that our physical viewable universe, is but a mere smear upon the greater reality, cosmologists are beginning to understand this in terms of dark matter. They calculate that only one half of one percent of the known universe is made of physical matter the other ninety-nine point five percent is dark matter.


Cosmologists cannot see or measure dark matter directly at the moment, but they know it's there, because the rest of the physical universe could not exist without it. Psychics and Mystics have always referred to it as the astral or the ether.


So here we are, we barely understand the physical functioning of the unimaginably vast universe and now we know the part we cannot see accounts for 95.5% of the total. When I was in school, I was taught no life could live without sunlight and oxygen, then we found life in the deepest darkest crevasses beneath the ocean's and scientist had to revise their view of life itself. Recently I heard one scientist say, that our search for intelligent life beyond the planet so far, was like going to Africa and looking at one square yard of ground, and declaring there is no elephants here so elephants don't exist! It seems to me to be heartwarming that at last scientists are beginning to admit publicly that life beyond planet Earth is inevitable.


We found the first planet around another star in 1995, since then we've studied only about a thousand stars fortunately the Kepler mission was launched in 2009 and is due to monitor 145,000 stars in its fixed field of view. And when that is complete it is hoped it will be given further missions. So perhaps someday we will find other planets like our own, capable of supporting similar lifeforms. My experience in the astral is that life abounds throughout the physical universe, but more significantly intelligence abounds throughout the whole universe both physical and nonphysical.Today scientists talk of "life as we know it" and sensibly use carbon-based lifeforms as their datum point, but they don't dismiss the idea there may be other forms of life anymore.


Some personal encounters with alien life forms can be explained by the phenomenon of sleep paralysis for example, however there is always a small though significant percentage were there simply, is no explanation for the experience.



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