Hi, I'm Len.


By now you've probably read, I was possessed myself. Its not something I've talked about much until the last few years. But over the years despite myself, slowly but surely, I seem to have been forced into having to work in this dark strange area.


After the possession I trained as a healer, in a number of different systems. Though I quickly realised, most of the time my healings were a bit like the drugs you get from a doctor, a temporary fix. Quite quickly I realised to fully heal someone I had to find what drove any given illness, sometimes it's the mind, other times it's the emotions, and on occasions its environment, and the rest of the time it's driven by an exterior force, usually fragments, though on occasions something much worse!




And so I started working with the mind and emotions, first I helped people find what was making them unwell, and helped them become well.




And then my father died of cancer.



I could do nothing to stop him dying, all I could do was keep him free of pain. I knew something was preventing me healing my father, I knew everything in the universe has an intelligence, and I remembered that cancer does too. This is why I've included a page on cancer on this website.


After my father's death, I found myself more and more attracted towards looking beyond my clients and into the astral, there I re-found the multitudes of negative entities. It took years of patient exploration and self development before I was satisfied I could perceive and discriminate between each and every form of entity, then deal with them in the appropriate manner.



I not only found negative entities, I also found wonderful guides willing to both educate and aid me. And now I offer my life skills to you.



Below you will find a contact form, if you'd like my help, fill it in, and tell me what's been happening.



Some things I charge for, others I don't, for example, I never charge to work with someone with cancer, though I accept donations afterwards!



Fragments are usually the problem and they're dealt with fairly quickly, conversely if you have just opened up uncontrollably psychically, not only will I have to deal with what ever is affecting you, but I also need to teach you how to close yourself down. And perhaps after that, you may want to develop your talents!



Every client is different and everyone gets a personal service. 



So don't worry about payment at the moment.



Until I look at you in the astral there's no way of telling if your troubles are caused by an entity or something more earthly, if I find nothing, you pay nothing. Though this is how I make my living, and just looking at you in the astral takes time.



So at the same time you contact me, please honour my time and if you can, make what you think is a reasonable though small donation to begin with.



And finally, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the work I do for you, however long I've spent, regardless of whether it's an hour to remove a fragment, or months of training you, you will get a complete no quibble refund of all monies paid!



For your security I accept donations and payment by PayPal and debit and credit cards through PayPal



If you wish to contact me, please use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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