If you are affected by any form of negative energy or entity. Fragments are the most likely candidates.



Please read on for a full explanation of how fragments form, and how and why they attach to a person.



At the bottom of this page there is a simple method you can perform to determine whether you may have a fragment or not. You can also have a look at the cleansing page where you will find simple methods to help yourself!


You could also visit the how to protect your energy field 'arua" page, protecting your energy is a surefire guarantee nothing paranormal can harm you.



But please read on first, so that you have a full understanding of what you will be looking for.



I came across the term Fragments some years ago and because it describes them exactly I adopted it, without knowing who first used it, whether it’s a translation from another language, or whom to give credit for its use.



You may be wondering why you have never heard of fragments! Well you have, just by many different and confusing names, such as Negative Entity, Ghost, Possessing Energies, Etheric Implants, as well as many others including Demons. The word Fragment just describes a particular type of entity, the ones that are formed directly from the death process of human beings. As they are the only entities formed in this fashion, I feel it's important to make the distinction between Fragments and other types of negative energy, because they are often confused with just about everything else.



Fragments a quick overview.



Fragments are a byproduct of the death process of human beings, they are formed of etheric and astral matter. Fragments are divided into three main groupings. Fragments that attach to human beings. Fragments that attach to buildings or places, these are usually called ghosts. And finally free floating fragments which have not attached to anything.






Dictionary definition: A small piece or part, especially when broken from something whole.



In this case the larger part a fragment has broken from, is the Etheric and Astral bodies that separate from the physical body after death. If you have ever wondered about the process of death, this separation is the first stage and part of a purely mechanical process, very simply put, it’s the detachment of one’s energy field from the physical as the everlasting part of one (spirit) begins its return journey to the source. Think of the source how you will, God is the most common name for it.


When the Etheric and Astral bodies separate from the physical body, all that really happens is one takes one’s attention away from the body permanently. Through the laws of attraction and to some extent habit, we tend to initially hang around the old body for a time. You may have heard stories of the dead coming to the living to tell them how much they love them, or of people having a near death experience, coming back and knowing everything’s going to be okay in the end, well this is the time things like that happen. In the case of near death experience, for whatever reason, someone has simply returned their attention back to the physical and therefore reanimated the body once more.


When we are alive we tend to think of ourselves as one whole homogeneous being with a personality which develops as we mature, even though sparks of it can be seen very early on. But we’re not, we’re actually a whole bunch of possible personalities all vying for supremacy.


If you’ve ever known a man who is completely gentle when sober though a violent maniac when drunk, or a woman who is prim and proper normally but becomes a vamp after one too many drinks, you will have witnessed the flip from the dominant personality to a suppressed personality. This is not a perfect analogy, in fact there are very complex processes going on in both of these examples, but it will do as most people will get the general idea of what I'm talking about.


When we die, the etheric and astral bodies separate from the physical body. After a period the greater and everlasting part of us (spirit), having turned its attention away from the physical, now turns its attention away from first the etheric and then the astral as well, so these begin to die also, at slightly different speeds and deploying different mechanisms. The etheric starts to decompose, a bit like the physical body turning to dust. Some of the astral also crumbles into dust, and the rest into chunks or fragments. Bits of etheric matter large or small get stuck to some of the fragments of astral matter and continue to permeate them, while others have no etheric matter permeating them and are therefore weaker. The ones that do have etheric matter are therefore more cohesive, stronger, and long lasting. Now we have three types of fragment, astral permeated with large amounts of etheric, astral with a small amount of permeated etheric, and non-permeated astral. Some say the astral explodes taking some of the etheric with it. Personally I see the process as being much gentler, a falling apart rather than an explosion.


The point is we have fragments of astral matter floating about near the newly dead physical body. Each fragment contains a portion of the original person whether that is the major part of the dominant personality or simply a developed talent, a desire, a need or an obsession, and on down in size intelligence and cohesion from small chunks to dust.


Let's look at one large (hypothetical) fragment. This is a fragment of the woman who was prim and proper but in this case it's not that fragment we are interested in, she was also a passionate musician and a flautist and that’s the fragment we are interested in. This is now free floating in the greater astral.


The fragment is still close to its original physical form and so are the relatives, at times in a physical sense but also biologically, historically and so on. If there is a relative that’s also passionate about playing the flute, the fragment will be attracted to that person (law of attraction). At this stage the fragment is like a dying ember but it’s desperate to live in the fashion it's used to. It will try to, and sometimes succeeds in attaching itself to the living relative. This happens if and only if, they have a weakened energy field. If it does attach, the talent and passion for the flute the new host had, may be increased. Though at a cost, since the fragment is a parasite, and like a tick will draw blood to live, a fragment will draw energy. If it can’t attach to the relative because their energy field is too strong and there is no other suitable close living person, the fragment floats on looking for any living host it can find, and if it finds someone who is perfect in all ways it will attach. If not, it will slowly break up into smaller and smaller chunks and finaly go out like an ember and crumble to dust, being recycled with all the other dust.


I have come to this paragraph as quickly as possible because for some readers all this may be frightening and I want to alleviate any potential fear. I hope by giving the example of the "talent Fragment" first, you will see that all fragments are basically the same and all are just parasites. There is nothing evil about fragments, they can certainly disrupt your life both mentally and physically, but there is no intent to harm and the last thing they want is for you to die.


After a period all the fragments float away looking for a host. All are different in all manner of ways. Some, like the ones traditionally called ghosts, usually started out having lots of etheric matter permeating the astral, but are strongly linked to a particular place for any number of reasons, and can’t go floating on because of that attraction. Finding no suitable host to parasitise in the vicinity and before crumbling into dust, they get stuck to a building's vibration and eke out a limited form of survival using the vibrations left by previous and or present occupiers, and often Geopathic Stress to which they are particularly attracted. In these cases the Etheric matter becomes hardened (petrified in an astral sense), stopping the decomposition process. Etheric matter is the next grossest form of matter to physical matter, and as it hardens it becomes more like the finest physical matter, and under certain conditions can be seen or even photographed, and more commonly recorded, though to do so it needs an additional external charge, like (though not by any means exclusively) high emotion! It can also be felt, heard, smelt, and tasted; poltergeist activity is explained in a similar fashion, though there must be an exceptionally high charge.



If you'd like to see your own etheric body please go to the, Etheric Body, page, for a simple technique that almost anybody can use.



Let's go back to the man who became violent when drunk, well unfortunately this man was also clinically depressed. He could have had any mental, physiological or emotional problem and the process would have been the same. Though let's keep it a "depressed fragment". It’s on the lookout for someone, anyone, with the propensity to be depressed and has a weakened energy field. If it finds someone and attaches, they may go from just a propensity toward depression, to full-blown depression. Meanwhile, the large fragment that was the dominant gentle part of the man’s personality floats off in one direction. And the suppressed "violent when drunk fragment", which is every bit as strong as the gentle fragment, precisely because so much energy was put into keeping it suppressed, when the man was alive, is now free of all constraint, and is floating off in another direction looking for someone it resonates with. It won’t have much trouble finding someone, simply because alcohol damages the energy field. By now you should be able to make an accurate guess at what’s going to happen if they each find someone with a weakened energy field they resonate with.


Whether the fragment is one that could affect a person's mental health or not, once attached there is almost always a physical deterioration of the host’s health. Both the body and the energy field try to reject it, but they usually can’t. Remember the energy field had to be in a weakened state for the fragment to attach in the first place, once in, it keeps the energy field weakened or more precisely deranged around the site of attachment, which leads to inevitable physical problems in that area. That said, the health implications are usually less severe for a relative than a stranger because of the closeness of their vibrations.


This works somewhat like a physical organ transplant, in that the closer the tissue match, the less likely the body is to completely reject the new organ, with the help of immunosuppressive drugs! If we stretch the concept of fragment a bit we could call organ transplants man-made fragments, since apart from the actual flesh transplanted, a portion of etheric and astral matter from the donor is also introduced into the recipient. Many people who have had transplants report having new cravings or interests, slight changes in personality, and even unexplained vague memories and habits. The usual hypothesis for this is cellular memory. I wouldn’t really argue with that except to add that every cell is permeated by etheric and astral matter, and I suggest the memory is held in that energetic portion. An interesting point to consider is the vast leap in understanding cell biologists have made in recent years. Did you know for example, there are more energy receptors than chemical receptors on every cell of your body?


Though fragments are usually forced to become parasites to survive, I still treat them with the greatest compassion at all times. Fragments are aware of their own existence and could be said to be intelligent, some more so than others. Their intelligence and awareness has a direct correlation to the intensity of the imprinted portion of the original person's personality they hold. So at times it can seem as if one is communicating with a whole being, displaying many of the attributes of the original person, including love. Though it’s important to remember they also have access to all the host's memories. Some have tried to convince us they are the whole essence of a relative and are not parasites or even attached at all, but rather the spirit of a loving relative, able to quote facts only they and the host could possibly know. Others portray themselves as ascended beings of light, love and wisdom, who are allowing the host to channel valuable information. All this to stop us from removing them, and when the lying doesn’t work, they’ve often turned into snarling beasts in an attempt to frighten us into leaving them alone. Even these were treated with compassion and gentleness.


If you are interested in developing your natural channelling or mediumistic skills, one of the first skills you need to develop is your discrimination and or the ability to go well beyond the near astral realms before contact is made. Discrimination will allow you to be absolutely sure you are not communicating with a fragment. Whether you are a natural medium or channel, if you are unsure as to your ability to discriminate between higher energies and fragments, there is usually an indication of what you are communicating with in the level of wisdom brought forward. Fragments at best can only display wisdom at the level of a human being, high-level energies display wisdom far beyond our own capability. As long as you are relaying information and wisdom far beyond your own capacity, you are communicating with something worthwhile.



How fragment attach.



Usually fragment attach using short barbs , these barbs them grow deep into the physical body connecting with anything from connective tissue to the organs themselves. At times a whole Fragment will burrow deep into the physical body sometimes leaving no trace of themselves outside, the deep borrowing variety cause the most physical damage, however the purely barbed type can also do significant damage to the organs, and very often cause unexplained pain both in the torso and the extremities in particular. Fragments that attach to the head send barbs both into the brain and very often down into the organs. The fragments that burrow into the brain tend to cause psychological problems, whereas the ones that burrow into the body tend to cause emotional problems, unfortunately both cause physical problems.



Risks involved in fragment removal



Fragments attached to humans though very robust, are delicate in one sense, they easily break into smaller and smaller parts (as mentioned, that’s how they formed originally). If someone manages to get hold of a fragment and attempts to remove it, it will break up, some parts of it will be left in your body and energy field and the rest, as it crumbles will scatter into both yours and the helper's energy fields. It may or may not take a while, but if you think you are suffering now you’ve got a big shock coming, and so has the helper, and that’s not to mention anyone else in the vicinity.



How to safely deal with fragments




It takes two groups of qualities to remove a fragment energetically.



One must be able to move safely within the astral and know what to do if anything goes wrong, be able to communicate with and see the fragment, and not just the parts that protrude, but also exactly how and where it’s attached to the physical.



One must be able to extract it all in one go, contain it as one do's so, and know how and where to process it properly safely and compassionately. At the same time be protecting the client whilst their energy field is open for the time the extraction is taking place, and be able to seal and heal the energy field completely afterwards.


Nothing in all the branches of conventional medicine can do a single thing to help someone with a fragment, drugs can mask the symptoms, though at the cost of side effects. After drugs frequently comes surgery, in which case the fragment simply detaches from one area and moves to another, which means that either the original problem remains or new ones start.


Healers, however, and by that I mean anyone who understands energy, can significantly help someone with a fragment even without removing it, by helping to strengthen and heal the energy field. And even more significantly by strengthening a persons energy field before a fragment attached, so making it impossible for a fragment to attach in the first place.



Do you have a Fragment or Fragments?



Now we have discussed fragments and the process by which they form and attach to people, albeit in the most truncated and simplistic terms, meaning I have had to leave so much unsaid.


Now you probably want to know how to tell if you have one and if so, how to get rid of it.


The simplest way to tell if you have a fragment is to scan your body with your mind.



Sit comfortably close your eyes and relax. Start by becoming aware of the whole of your body, simply by putting your attention into your body rather than your mind. You will probably feel a very slight tingling sensation throughout your body, though most concentrated in the hands. Or you may experience a complete feeling of aliveness. Whichever sensation you get just accept it as it is. Now transfer all your attention to your feet, the sensation you felt originally will probably intensify, ask yourself do my feet feel open free and completely mine? If they do move your attention upwards into your ankles. Ask, does this portion of my body feel open free and completely mine? If so move upwards into your lower legs. Ask, does this portion of my body feel open free and completely mine? If so move upwards into the knees and repeat then into the thighs and so on until you reach the top of your head.


If at any point you reach an area in the body you cannot penetrate, or that does not feel free open and completely yours, go on past it, until you reach the top of your head.


Go back to the area you couldn't feel into, and try again, if you still can't feel into it you may have a fragment in this area.


Please do not attempt to remove the fragment yourself. It will undoubtedly crumble into smaller fragments. If you have been suffering pain in a particular area because of this fragment, you will end up suffering the same amount of pain in many other areas!


Please contact myself, or a competent healer who has a good understanding of these matters.



How to help yourself!



On the cleansing page, you will find simple methods for cleansing and strengthening your energy field. A clean healthy energy field will make it impossible for a fragment to attach.



Why are fragments such a problem in the modern era?



We humans have been about in our present form, for literary a blink of the eye in terms of our planet's evolution, and only recently within this blink of an eye 70,000 years ago did we start to develop specialised tools like 'microliths' and it couldn't have been much further back in time that we started developing the ego. Before then the mechanical process of the decomposition and breakup of the etheric and astral bodies was completed swiftly and cleanly without leaving destructive fragments.


Once the ego started to develop within humanity our fragment problems started also, as the ego grew in strength so to did the egoic portion of the etheric and to some extent the astral layers. We have now reached the stage in human development where the ego has almost completely taken over, we still have some way to go before this process is complete, but bear in mind it's entirely inevitable, and necessary for our future development.


However that also means that fragments are also going to continue to become a greater problem in the future. Some civilisations have recognised this problem for millennia. In India for example, the Vedas have an excellent understanding of both the development of the ego and the formation of fragments. And so developed, after death rituals, and funeral arrangements, to minimise the formation of fragments through carefully timed cremation. Because most of the after death ego is confined to the etheric which is itself almost physical matter timed cremation shortly after death can also destroy the etheric part of fragments as they form.


Other societies handled the same problem differently, in Europe and other countries and continents around the world, they developed ancestor worship and veneration, building earthworks to house them. This gave the fragments the energy vital for their survival, and a physical structure for them to attach to, reducing fragment attachment to human beings as much as possible.


Still other societies developed ancestral veneration, but left bodies in the open where carnivores would find them swiftly, and in that way destroyed the etheric body, by having it consumed by animals and scattered in their waste, before it became stuck to astral matter in the form of fragments.


Modern industrial society's have lost sight of the importance of completely destroying dead bodies quickly and thoroughly. As the relatively new phenomenon of globalisation, gains pace to reflect, the stranglehold the ego now has upon man. Even the Indian culture is beginning to slowly but surely lose its long held wisdom, and succumb to Western ideas.


A further rise in fragment formation is inevitable everywhere, our food is no longer produced naturally, genetic engineering is becoming commonplace, water quality is diminishing, and pollution is rising. All these factors and more, reduce our natural defences against attack by everything from fragments to Demons themselves.


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