How To Protect Your Energy Field "Aura"


The human energy field "aura" is our main defence against all forms of negative energy, regardless of whether an attack comes from a possessing energy or a human being.


Below you will find five methods of protecting your energy field, starting with a very simple method, then as you move down the page each method becomes progressively harder to accomplish, with the level of protection afforded increasing accordingly. Finally ending with the very difficult method I use all the time to keep myself safe against the most powerful daemonic energies there are.


Our energy fields are made up of beams of energy that radiate from each and every cell of your body, from a distance the individual beams appear to merge into one large prolate spheroid (rugby ball shape) around our physical bodies, though the most subtle levels extend extraordinary distances, for all practical purposes, one can think of the spheroid extending roughly a metre to a metre and a half, beyond our physical bodies in all directions.


Energy fields are not only a reflection of our physical and spiritual health, they are also a reflection of our thought processes, and can therefore be manipulated by deliberately focusing our thoughts upon them. By an act of will and imagination, anyone can alter both the wavelength and outer surface of the energy field.


Both fortunately and unfortunately the energy field has what may be called a morphic resonance, which means unfortunately, it tends to hold and return to its original state quickly, so even if we put protection around it, that protection will be lost very quickly. Fortunately. If the protection is visualised often and consistently, eventually a new morphic resonance is created and the protection holds, to the point the protection becomes part of the energy field itself. Though it is wise to give the protection I thought on a regular basis to maintain it in tiptop condition.



All the methods below rely upon you visualising the end result. So I have created little diagrams to help you visualise exactly what I'm talking about. Thought is one of the most powerful creative tools we have, to give thought to your energy field can profoundly change it, quickly and permanently.


Depending on how psychic you are, you will feel the protection around you to different degrees, most people who have trouble with negative energy are very psychic. By using any of the methods below, you should notice a difference in how other people react and interact with you.


If other people have a tendency to draw energy from you, or to direct negative energy toward you etc, you will notice this begins to reduce. And as you get more proficient and your protection becomes stronger and stronger, you will begin to recognise just how protected you are. We humans are all energy beings, and so are negative entities etc, as you begin to feel protected from other humans, you can be assured that your protection is working just as well against everything else.


Please don't make these methods difficult in your mind, have fun play with the ideas, and if you struggle you're very welcome to contact me.





Mirrored Surface


This is the lightest form of protection, usually used to protect oneself from negative energy emanating from other people.


Using the power of your imagination, as in the diagram, imagine you are surrounded by a highly polished mirror, this will reflect all negativity away from you. Be careful not to allow flat surfaces on the mirrored surface, as this will reflect the negative energy directly back at the person who it is emanating from. This may seem at first thought a desirable outcome, however, if negative energy is directed back to its source, it simply bounces right back at you! This will mean an ever increasing charge of negative energy will build up, until the enhanced charge overwhelms you and most probably those around you.



Please remember when ever creating any form of protection. You must allow positive energy to flow through the protective barrier and into you, if you do not you will undoubtedly kill yourself!




Hardened steel.


This is a very strong form of protection, which can be used to protect yourself from other people or an

attack by fragments, earthbound spirits, astral wildlife, and most forms of powerful negative entities. It can also be given a highly polished finish something like a ball bearing. In addition you could embed protective symbols that are meaningful to you, for example the Christian cross, the Ankh,or the Om symbol, to mention just a few.


Again using the power of your imagination, create a spheroid around the outer edge of your energy field made of impenetrable Steel, Kevlar, Diamond, or any other substance of your choosing. Start by making the spheroid quite thin, then over a few days make it progressively thicker until you are comfortable with its weight. If you make it too thick or solid you will quickly exhaust yourself to the point you will not be able to sustain the protection for any length of time.



Please remember when ever creating any form of protection. You must allow positive energy to flow through the protective barrier and into you, if you do not you will undoubtedly kill yourself!


Frequency interference.


This is a much more difficult form of protection though it's well worth developing the skills necessary to use it. Once you've mastered it, you can protect yourself from virtually anything by appearing to be something else entirely. Think of it something like giving yourself chameleon like qualities, or playing possum.


As with the previous two forms of protection you start by imagining your energy field changed around its edges. The beauty of learning this form of protection is you can test its effectiveness on other human beings, more easily than some of the others, which will give you confidence in your ability to manipulate the edge of your energy field in any circumstance. Below I have given a number of examples of frequencies you may like to try.


To perfect this form of protection will take time so I would suggest you pick one frequency to begin with and practice imagining the frequency change every day for a least 15 minutes, for a week or so.





The frequency I have chosen for the photograph is sharp and jagged. This can be used when in the presence of people who you do not want to come near you, so you quickly learn how effectively you are changing your field. Or try it on those who drain your energy, most of us have met people who make us feel depleted when we we are with them, these people literally suck vital energy from others, by adjusting your frequency, you can make yourself unpalatable to them.


You can also make yourself almost invisible or very visible to those around you, if you have ever wondered why, when some people walk into a room everybody notices, and yet when most people walk in, nobody notices at all, if you have, you have noticed the effect of the natural morphic resonance of their energy field announcing the person as they come into the room. It does this by connecting with other people's energy fields already there, unconsciously we register this, and either turn around to see who has come in, or totally ignore them.


We all interact through our energy fields with everybody around us, so if you ever find yourself in a frightening situation, for example, walking home alone at night through a rough area, by making yourself invisible you will find you can walk past strangers without them really noticing you.


But that's just the beginning, you can create a warm friendly edge to your energy field and of course conversely, an unfriendly one, helpful and unhelpful etc the list goes on and on, you can create just about anything your imagination can stretch to.


However the way I use this, is to help other people. On occasions people need to be hidden from various forms of intelligent energy, by changing the outer layer of their energy field to one that mimics someone or something else, they blend into the general population on the astral. And of course you can do this yourself to your own energy field.






Violent explosion of your own energy.


This form of protection though difficult to perfect is extremely useful in an emergency. If you walk into an unexpected situation, it will give you time to wrap yourself in a stronger form of protection.


By sending out a blast of energy from every cell of your body, you will push any negative energy away from you, and depending on how powerful it is, you can create real damage to other forms of intelligence that come too near you on the astral.


This is also particularly useful for people who feel they are being physically touched by entities, and who also have trouble sustaining long-term protection, particularly when they are asleep. Because the more you do it, the more visible the signature of you ability to do it becomes in your  energy field.


And it's particulary useful to paranormal investigators who suddenly find themselves in trouble.






To start to learn to do this, take a deep breath, then explosively breathe out through your nose, at the same time constrict all your muscles and feel into your torso. Done properly you will feel a surge of energy radiate from your sacral area throughout your body. Keep doing this until you feel the surge of energy start to go beyond your body, at the same time you can imagine any colour that you feel is either protective of you, or destructive to anything that may be harming you.


As you keep practising over a number of days or weeks, you will feel the surge charge become stronger and stronger, even if you cannot feel it radiate very far beyond your body, trust that it is. When you are ready and sure you can perform it when ever you need to. Stop practising, and allow your natural energy to build up. In this way when you need it you will have all the energy you need to create a huge explosion, which will push away almost anything and dissuade it from coming back too quickly.


It is better to develop a very strong protective layer around you that you can rely on, however one never knows when one will come up against something really powerful, so this method is always worth developing.






Interlocking bubbles.


This is the most difficult form of protection for most people, it takes a high degree of imagination and will to create, though once mastered provides complete protection in any circumstance.


This is the form of protection I use all the time. Many years ago, I was shown how to create and use it by a very high level positive nonphysical subtle energy lifeform. It not only keeps me safe, my human helpers use it to protect themselves, and I cast it around everybody I work with, leaving it around them after all the work is done.


This protection can also be used to protect property by casting it over buildings or areas of land. Doing so one can ensure all energies that do not perfectly resonate with the physical plane, are pushed out, and no new ones can enter.


It can even be used to protect property from human beings by slightly adjusting the vibration to one that makes people feel so uncomfortable they move away, if they have a negative intent in mind, whilst at the same time feeling welcoming to anybody with a positive intent.


In the diagram if you look carefully you will see the surface of the spheroid is made up of millions of closely packed individual bubbles of energy, the inset picture shows a group of large bubbles with smaller bubbles filling every space available. Because of the lightness of the energy bubbles they do not just form a skin around the edge of the energy field, they fill the whole energy field right through and into the physical body, so even if something is able to penetrate the outer surface, it simply creates more resistance, and if any of the bubbles are damaged they simply regenerate and push the attacking energy away. The whole bubble spheroid is soft resilience and flexible, and so light it takes no energy whatsoever to maintain.


Next time you are washing the dishes, or your hair, have a really close look at a handful of a soap bubbles you will see thousands of different sized bubbles all packed together, this is the effect you need to achieve. The vibration at which they operate will come naturally from your thought processes, if you are thinking of protection for yourself, the vibration will automatically adjust accordingly, if it's to be cast over a building, you knowing that, is enough to ensure success. The deeper you consider the spheroids final purpose before creating it, the finer the vibration will be tuned, along with its strength etc.


To start creating the spheroid. Set the intent in your mind to create the spheroid with the most appropriate vibration, strength, texture and density needed depending on its final purpose. For example you may be building one for the first time, or refreshing your personal protection, or creating a spheroid to protect someone else etc. Regardless imagine a small group of intensely packed energy bubbles forming within the core of your physical body, then release them to grow and multiply into billions of bubbles surrounding you to what ever distance from your body is most desirable. If you are creating one to cover another person, simply cast the spheroid from yourself over them.


All this may sound quite complex and difficult, however with practice the whole task can be performed in less than a second.


After some practice creating the bubble spheroid, you can then add a powerful protective symbol of your choosing within each and every bubble, again one starts by creating a small number of bubbles with the symbol within, try just three initially, then allow them to multiply into billions.