True Possessing Entities, Demons



Unfortunately many forms of energy or entities can affect a human being.



These energies can range from fragments, right through to the most destructive true possessing energies, only true possessing energies have the power to take someone over completely.


These entities are what most people think of as Daemons.



Fragments are far and away the most likely form of energy (often confused with entities) to bother human beings, I have devoted a whole page to them. Please read the Fragment page you may be effected yourself.



True possession is extremely rare, but it does happen, when it does it will be absolutely devastating to the person involved, and those around them.



It happened to me, if you'd like to read about it, please go to the being possessed page.



If you are becoming possessed, or you are already possessed by a true possessing energy you are highly unlikely to be reading this. But in the very unlikely event you are, contact me as soon as possible.


It's much more likely you are a loved one or friend of someone you suspect may be possessed, and you are looking for help for them. And so you're likely to be looking for information about possession in general and specifically how you can tell if your loved one, or friend is possessed. On some other sites you will find lists of possible indicators of possession, but not on this site.


Yes those lists do contain indicators, but to be perfectly honest someone could display any number of the listed symptoms, and yet not be possessed, the only certainty is, the person will be changing significantly, eventually you may not even recognise them as the person you used to know. Your gut feeling is likely to be much more helpful than ticking off symptoms upon a list. Everybody is psychic to some degree or other, your sixth sense is as valid as anybody else's, trust it.


For more information on lesser entities. Please go to the Entities and Elemental pages.


If your sixth sense tells you, your friend or loved one is possessed, contact me as soon as possible, I will have a look at them (out of body) and tell you what's going on.






True possessing energies, what are they, where do they come from, and how can they be removed?



A quick overview of these questions.



A Demon is a Negative non-physical subtle energy life-form, they do not have physical and etheric bodies as we do, and usually that's precisely the reason they are interested in us. To fully function and interact with the physical realm, any intelligence must have a physical body, there is only two ways something can gain a one. Incarnate into a physical body like ours, or steal a body.


Obviously you can view your physical body easily, but you also have an etheric body though most of you will have never seen it. However there is a method almost anybody can use to view part of their own etheric body.



If you'd like to see yours please go to the Etheric body page.



Demons reside within a nonphysical space commonly called the astral, the astral has many different levels or realms, each realm has a slightly different vibration, all beings whether physical or nonphysical also have a vibration. Our physical vibration could be said to be very slow, our etheric vibration is slightly faster and our astral vibration is quicker again, physically we are most comfortable in the physical realm because we vibrate with it in perfect harmony. When I move into the astral realm I consciously adjust and speed up my vibration bringing it into harmony with the astral vibration. If a Demon decides to explore the physical realm, it reverses this process, slows its vibration and comes into harmony with the physical plane. Because we have etheric and astral bodies ourselves, we can manifest completely upon the astral. Daemons on the other hand, have no etheric or physical body, lacking either they cannot manifest physically on the physical plane.


To remove them from the physical plane, one can persuade them to go of their own volition, or capture and remove them.


Organised religions favour persuasion in various forms and guises, I and many others prefer capture and removal.


Along with members of organised religions, I to share a deep belief in God, but I don't rely on my belief as a tool to help remove possessing energies.


Based on all the evidence, I believe it's very unlikely reading passages from the Bible, whilst holding a cross and sprinkling holy water will have any effect on a Demon whatsoever. By this statement I am not denigrating the Catholic and Protestant churches, or their representatives in anyway. They are doing their very best in a difficult situation, but the facts are. Even the best exorcists representing the churches admit exorcism in this form rarely works, especially the first time it's performed. So why should this be?


From what I have observed of true possessing energies. Not one of them has believed in God as we understand and use the term. Although they are quite happy to pretend they do! Certainly the one that possessed me didn't believe in God, but it knew and understood all of my belief systems, and used that knowledge against me. So threatening it or others with the rath of God is hardly going to frighten it. When Catholic or Protestant priests, perform successful exorcisms it's the force of the priests will, bolstered by his true belief in God, that persuades or forces the possessing energy out of its victim.


Most of us have seen heard or read about movies like The Exorcist, many of you will be familiar with the scenes of the young girl talking in the Demons voice etc, when this kind of thing happens the possessing energy is simply reading the fear directly from the participants minds and projecting it back to them. In other words a Demon will give you exactly what you expect. Yes it's very frightening, but it can only be frightening if you already have an image in your mind of what a Demon is and is capable of. If you don't have that image of the possessing energy then it becomes simply pantomime.


If the Demon cannot frighten the exorcist in this fashion it will search within the exorcists mind for anything it can use to frighten him or her. Therefore it's absolutely vital the exorcist has a mechanism by which he or she can force a Demon to reveal itself as it actually is. And when one does, there is no frightening physical body, with horns talons or tail. The image is dreadful to behold, but it is made of energy, dark unhealthy looking but ultimately as insubstantial as a shadow.


A devout priest whilst perhaps doubting himself, will have no doubt in God's ability to overcome a mere Demon, as long as this is the case he has a chance of forcing the possessing energy away from the host, but to where? Back to hell? To go there the Demon must believe in hell, but if it has no belief in God why would it believe in hell? So where is it going to go? From where it came, the astral. Which leaves it at liberty to try again, either with the original host, which all too often happens, or a new host.


Priests at the moment at least, are at a huge disadvantage, whilst they are chosen because of their devotion to God, which does give them a powerful tool, they are not chosen for their ability to see into the realms possessing energies come from, which sadly puts them at a huge disadvantage.


When a Demon comes to the physical realm its usual aim is to acquire a physical body, allowing it to manifest fully upon the physical plane. This leads to the inevitable question, why would a daemon wish to manifest upon the physical plane? There are as many answers to that question as there are Demons and humans, a powerful politician, business person or high-ranking church official may attract a Demon interested in causing havoc in any of those areas. Serial killers another area, and the ordinary person, another again.


Most Demons struggle to dominate their victim. This is why a typical possession takes many years, although the final stages will usually take months, but it will typically appear to be weeks or even days. It's only in the final stages will those close to the victim notice any concrete and consistent change. But by then it's too late, and it will have seemed to have happened quite swiftly.


To possess someone a Demon looks for a person with two important energetic markers, the persons energy field must be damaged or weakened in some way, which allows it through the natural protection we all have against them. And there must also be a psychological or character weakness, this can be as simple as gluttony, lust, avarice, or any one of many other character weaknesses, it can even be an addiction. In my case the Demon continually massaged my ego, using and developing my natural talents to the point, it did appear I was more powerful than others. As the possession progressed and I was able to prove to myself without a shadow of a doubt that I could perform extraordinary feats, I unconsciously invited the possessing energy deeper within myself, until the point I almost lost myself completely.


The individual who removed the possessing energy from me, understood both this process and it's importance. Without breaking the symbiotic link between the victim and the possessing energy an exorcism is only half completed. Even if the Demon is completely removed and unable to return, the host is then like a heroin addict left with no heroin, the host will subconsciously, do anything to attract another Demon, to fulfil the symbiotic link and his or her needs. Any Demon who manages to work its way into a host in any significant fashion will attract other Demons who hang around in the hope of an opportunity to oust the original Demon and take over themselves without doing most of the work. Therefore unless the hosts symbiotic link is dealt with along with the Demon, a new Demon will happily step in to take its place.


Fortunately Demons are completely incapable of working together successfully. On a few occasions, I have observed them attempting to do so, but as soon as one shows any weakness, a stronger one will always leap in and destroyed the loose alliance.



If this wasn't the case we would all be in significant danger.



Having been possessed myself, and having spent the last seventeen years gathering the Psychic skills, tools and strength, necessary to recognise capture and dispose of possessing energies. I can see them as they are, not as the projection they'd like me to see and fear. I not only remove them from the host, I also remove them from the physical and astral realms permanently.


They are energy beings, as I am, as we all are, they read energy and are able to discern virtually everything about a person. In turn I can read them and know virtually everything about them. As an additional backup, I have a method of forcing them to reveal themselves completely. When they read me, they know what I am capable of. They also know I am backed up by a group of extraordinary powerful Guides (Positive non-physical subtle energy life-forms).


However terrible the damage they have done to someone, like every other negative energy I encounter. I treat them with the utmost compassion once they are removed. I know my limits, so I pass them on to the group of high-level Guides who deal with them in the most appropriate and loving way.


And if you're wondering why the Guides don't simply do this work themselves? Well not having a physical etheric or astral body themselves they are unable to manifest on the physical plane, so they need someone who does and is capable of moving between all planes of existence. Over and above that however, at the level these guides come from, they have lost, though more accurately grown beyond the rather simplistic view we have of good and evil, good or bad experience. To them possession is not viewed as a negative or positive experience, it's simply viewed as experience, what the spirits of the individual, who was possessed does with that experience is up to it. I now believe at some level I chose to become possessed in preparation for doing this work. Guides at this level will never step in and interfere with any human beings affairs or problems, unless asked. And nor will I.



I absolutely must have permission from the possessed person or their guardian, before I can take action and elicit the help of the guides.


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